December 17, 2019

Trust me when I say that this little sweet man, baby Joey, might be the overall happiest, smiliest baby I have ever photographed over the course of a year!!  He was way too busy loving every single donut of his donut smash to give me too many smiles at his one year session but as a whole, he was such an easy and fun baby to photograph all year long.  He is the youngest of 3, EACH of whom I have the huge pleasure of photographing since birth and this family is SO special to me!!  I have so deeply loved getting to see these boys really every few months for the  so long, but I have also enjoyed watching their lovely mom and dad as parents.  They are just a wonderful family, and I know you will see it in these pictures!  They are so lucky to have this happy, easy going, sweet boy as their third– and they know it!  Joey is all smiles and giggles, rarely heats up very much, and just adores and watches his brother’s every single move!  While he doesn’t need the help, his big brothers are also PROS at getting to smile and it is just so sweet and fun to watch.  I have loved watching them all grow up from behind my lens and can’t wait to continue capturing them for years and years into the future! He sampled EVERY SINGLE ONE!

**Special thanks to my sweet friend Tara (of Tara Long Photography) for letting me use her beautiful studio space for these winter sessions!  She is an amazing local photographer with a huge heart for giving, and I am SO grateful for her friendship!


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