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When I began my business, there was so much to learn-- and so many different opinions to wade through!  I wanted to create a one-stop-easy-shop for you to find all my absolute go-to's in my business...the freebies I have made with you in mind, my favorite online tools and programs, the gear I have used and loved for years, and my favorite books!  I hope this makes your life (and your time on google!) so much easier!

Jill's Products



Want to learn to take better pictures of your kids?!! Maybe you have just a cell phone, or a "fancy" camera that you aren't sure how to use? Grab my FREE E-Book, "3 Simple Steps to get Great Photos of your Kids!".

3 Simple Steps to get Great Photos of your Kids


Lightroom Mobile is a free app that works on all phones and is a powerful editing app...but it's hard to use without a little introduction! Don't worry my friend, I've got you covered!

Intro to Free Editing App on your Phone


After way.too.many dark, blurry, or bad photos, I mastered using my camera phone to capture my kids, family, and travels, and now I've got a FREE quick video to teach you my TOP 5 TIPS to take better phone photos today

5 Tips to Take Better Photos with your Phone


For the mom-photographers

The Freebies


My Engagement Session Style Guide Template is one of the tools I use in my business to serve and provide value to my couples (and help create amazing engagement sessions that future clients will dream of!), and I am sharing it with you! Grab my E-Session Guide Template and customize for your couples today!

Uplevel Your Engagement + Portrait Sessions: FREE Style Guide Template


Lighting choices are an always-growing process in my work, and the part of each wedding day and session that I still have to think about the most! Grab this checklist that you can put into action TODAY to help remind you of the key topics when it comes to working with sunlight and shade while you are photographing!

Finding the Best Light While You Shoot


Get INSTANT access to your guide teaching you how to Start Your Newsletter in 3 Easy Steps by signing up here!

Don't let social media be the only way you can contact your audience anymore!

Start Your Newsletter in 3 Easy Steps


I regularly only use THREE presets on my photos that I have developed over the years, and I am sharing them with you!

Grab these simple, light, and airy presets now!

JGP's 3 Signature Lightroom Presets


For photographers + Small business owners

The Freebies


Client experience is one of the biggest contributors to word of mouth marketing, which is the best FREE way to earn new business! Download this quick free guide for 3 steps to WOWING your clients during every part of your interaction with them!!

3 Simple Ways to Wow Your Clients


Get INSTANT access to your Creative Business Owner's Guide to Outsourcing by signing up here (in other words...get your LIFE back!!)!

The Creative Small Business Owner's Guide to Outsourcing


Let me send you a FREE e-book on jumpstarting your blog, including 3 full pages of content idea! Grow your business with free marketing today!

Jumpstart to Blogging Guide

Jill's 3 signature lightroom presets

start your newsletter in 3 easy steps

finding the best light while you shoot

Uplevel Your Engagement sessions: Free Style Guide Template

Jumpstart to blogging guide 

(with 2+pages of content ideas)

The creative small business owner's guide to outsourcing


Get 250 MB of bonus storage

Beautiful Client Photo Galleries with integrated Prints Shop

Get 250 MB of bonus storage!

Pixieset Galleries

Get $50 credit

Heirloom albums, press printed books, & styling accessories for
professional photographers.

Get $50 credit after your first order!

Get Google drive

Cloud storage for work and home.
Google Drive is by FAR my preferred option, and works on my computer and phone!

Google Drive

Use code: JILLGUM10

A drag & drop website builder for photographers.

Get 10% off your first year with code:  JILLGUM10

the tools

For small business owners + Photographers

my favorite tools

Kiss Albums


Get 50% OFF

This is my online Client Management System, booking software, coaching session scheduler, and so much more! It replaced my past excel spread sheets, printed/mailed contracts, and sticky notes system (that was horrible!) and allows me to invoice, do contracts, collect payments, and stay SUPER organized-- all accessible from desktop or mobile!

Get 50% off your first year of Honeybook- this is a big savings!!!!

Client Management Software for Small Businesses


Simply resize, pair, and add your logo to images for blog and social media sharing (and so much more!)!


ShowIt + Wordpress website templates: beautiful, high end, easy to use, and affordable templates that I love and use! This Tools and Resources page is one of the Palm Shop Templates, in addition to multiple other pages on my site!

get $10 off

Quality Photo Prints & Gifts. This is my #1 recommendation for pro-quality prints and wall art!

Get $10 off your first order!

Mpix Prints

Get LastPass

#1 Password Manager + Vault App.
I use this to store all my passwords on computer+mobile so that I can have safe, complex passwords-- and remember them all!


Palm Shop Templates


Try trello for free

A FREE online organizational system that allows you to mark off those to-do's and collaborate with your team. It's like an online post it note bulletin board in the very best way (and did I mention free?)!



Use Photo Mechanic to quickly and efficiently cull through your photos!  Photo Mechanic is a powerful organizational tool as well, and loads much quicker than culling in Lightroom!

get lightroom

Edit your photos with my go-to editing program, Adobe Lightroom!  It is truly the easiest, most powerful editing software to use, and is purchased though a monthly membership to Adobe Cloud.

Try Canva

Create beautiful digital marketing tools for FREE with Canva's drag + drop editor!  Photo collages, brochures, newsletters, and SO much more all for free.


Get a contract

Grab contract templates for your creative business from Paige, an attorney and creative to get you legally legit!

Legal Paige

Adobe Lightroom

Photo Mechanic

Get $10 OFF

Home Studio List is a platform of styled homes across 30+ states available to rent by the hour for photo shoots, film productions, and content creation.

Get $10 off your first reservation with code: JILLG4758

Handpicked, Styled Homes For Your Next Creative Production

Try Podia

My favorite online storefront for courses, downloads, and digital products!  This can be your one stop shop for a course platform, a shop, and hosting an educational community, and emailing your students.  You can run memberships, sell products or downloads, and teach courses all on Podia!

Podia | Storefront + Course Platform

Try converkit

My favorite email marketing system to create landing pages and stay connected with clients and customers in their inbox!  Convertkit has extremely advanced funnel building capabilities that are unmatched in the industry, automations to take care of linking all your landing pages to your email lists, and beyond!  It is such a powerful email marketing system.

ConvertKit | Email Marketing

Learn more

A 6-module blueprint designed to transform your photography side-hustle into a profitable and sustainable business. From starting your business legally to pricing to finding your dream clients to BTS workflow and beyond: this course sets your photography business up for success...without all the guesswork.

Jill Gum Photo U
Business Builder

Learn more

Learn how to shoot like a 6-figure photographer and capture beautiful, bright, meaningful photos in any situation so you can build a successful business on your own terms in this 24 module signature program.

Learn more

A 1.5-hour video course designed to transform your pics from “just a cell phone photo” to beautiful, bright, album-worthy pictures.

Cell Phone Photography Course

learn more

Edit your phone photos with just ONE click to either "fix" an issue or add beautiful "flair" and style
to your photo!


my favorite JGP Products

Jill Gum Photo University

Fix + Flair Presets

Learn more

Your Beginner's Guide to learning how to shoot in manual, find good light, and take beautiful photos with your DSLR or mirrorless camera.

Photography for Moms 101


by Shauna Niequist

Present Over Perfect


by Chip + Joanna Gaines

The Magnolia Story


by Seth Godin



by Donald Miller

Building a Story  Brand


by Pat Flynn

Super Fans


Books to inspire Creative small business owners

My REading List


by Natalie Franke

Built to Belong


by Mary Marantz



by Lysa Terkeurst

The Best Yes

* While these are my favorite products, I do not own or manufacture any of these products. Please contact the manufacturer directly if you have any questions or concerns regarding these products.   
Some of these lenses/memory cards only work with certain camera bodies, so make sure to check out compatibility with your gear or reach out with questions!