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Brand Photography


Tired of awkward-looking photos of you smiling at the camera that DON'T actually show your dream client who you are or what you do??

How about getting headshots taken by a friend with a camera while you "fake laugh" again and again?

Or maybe you LOATHE being in front of the camera in the first place...so you pretend that it isn't actually important for you to share your face online. Surely your ideal client knows what you look like, right?! 

You might be pulling from the same 3-5 photos you had taken a year ago (or was it 5 years?)

...so you just don't post anything at all.

You need professional, high-quality images that will show your personality and highlight what makes YOU different.  A gallery that will up-level your social media and website to speak RIGHT to your ideal client, and tell them that you are the right pick for them (without any words at all).


and I've got a plan for you! 

We are all sick and tired of seeing the same old boring, vanilla headshots.

You want a way to STAND OUT in our industries and show our dream clients that we are the right choice for them...

And outdated, repeated, or poorly lit iPhone photos just don't do you (and the business you have built from the ground up) much justice.

You need a creative, captivating library of photographs that show your dream client your personality, what you do, and why they should choose you and your business... among all the other competition.

That's what I'm here to create for you.

Hi there, I'm Jill--



Picture this...


Let's get to know each other! To help capture your personality and business perfectly, I’llget to know your business inside and out through a questionnaire, lots of research, and a pre-shoot zoom call. Don't worry, I’ll walk you through ALL the prep for the day of your shoot, including outfits, locations, and so much more!

Purposeful Prep

On your session day, I will walk you through everything you need to do for us to get the images we dream up together. If you need a hype-girl, trust me-- I got you! And if a calming presence walking you through each step is better, I can be that, too. We will capture both candid and posed photos to show all facets of your business and personality to help your dream client say an easy "YES!"

After your session, you will get a sneak peek within one week to share as you want.   Within 3 weeks, you will be sent your carefully curated and edited gallery with print/share release.  You will receive a truly comprehensive gallery that will give you so much flexibility, including behind the scenes, lifestyle, and detail images in addition to a collection of headshots.  

The Day of your Shoot

Gallery Delivery





Industries that I         to serve...




Interior Designers


Bakeries + restaurants

and more...

-2 hour session
-Pre-Shoot Consultation and Planning
-Shoot for 1-2 Business Storylines* 
-Up to 2 Locations
-Up to 3 outfits
-Gallery of 35+ high resolution edited images
and print/share/commercial use release




packages start at $350

-4 hour session
-Pre-Shoot Consultation
-Shoot for 3-4 Business Storylines* 
-In Depth Behind the Scenes Photos with clients/models
-Up to 3 Locations
-Up to 5 outfits for maximum flexibility in sharing
-Gallery of high resolution edited images
and print/share/commercial release

The Rising Entrepreneur

The Seasoned CEO


-30 minute session
-Pre-Shoot Consultation
-Ideal for business owner who hasn't had personal branding headshots done before
-1 location, 1-2 outfits
-Personalized 1/2 hour coaching session after photos about using images and next steps based on clients online presence

-Gallery of 8 high resolution edited images (you pick which) and
print/share/commercial release

The Big Dreamer

Do you have a team?? Reach out and we will get a custom collection made for you!

Q: I'm not sure which collection I need- can you help?

A: The BIG difference that should determine the decision is all about the storylines in your business.  Do you mainly just wear ONE hat (for example: Floral designer) and need photos representing just one facet of your business? If so, The Rising Entrepreneur Collection makes sense!  But if you run a business with multiple streams of revenue or focus areas (for example, wedding AND portrait photographer, or photographer AND blogger, or boutique that sells clothing AND jewelry, etc), or have a recent launch or change to your business, the Seasoned CEO collection likely will give you all that you need!


Some things you may be wondering about brand photos...


Q: *What is a "business storyline" and how do I know how many I need?

A: This is a part of my job with you--when we dig into your business while planning, we’ll figure out exactly what different facets of your business you need to share about to speak to your dream client. For example: as a wedding photographer, you might tell the actual photographer story, the stylist story, the blogger story, and the work-from-home story. And then it's my job to figure out how to best represent those storylines in your gallery, and make it come to life! This is my FAVORITE part of planning for your session!



Some things you may be wondering about brand photos...

Q: Where SHOULD I use my photos??

A: Photos of you doing what you do best are essential to your marketing so that your ideal client can actually picture working with you. They also help your client get to know, like, and trust you– and those steps almost always come before sales! There are SO many ways you will use your images to move your business forward– here are just a few!
Online: Social Media, Newsletter Headers, Blog Post Images, Facebook Ads, Pinterest graphics, Profile Photos, Instagram Stories
Print: Magazine feature, Book Cover, Portfolio Presentation, Marketing Materials
Digital: Website Photos, Email List Opt-in, Headshots, Digital Products



Some things you may be wondering about brand photos...

Q: Where will the session take place- what if I don't have a super cute office?!

A: Where will the session take place? What if I don't have a super cute office?!A: Don't worry-- I got you! If you have a brick and mortar (studio, shop, etc) for your business, we should start there! But if the lighting isn't perfect or if your home/office doesn't fit your brand vibe, we can talk through lots of other options! Coffee shops, rented studio space, a cute hotel– we will brainstorm together!



Some things you may be wondering about brand photos...

Q: What is the best time in my business to do a brand shoot?

A: Branding sessions can make a HUGE difference in not just what you share on social media, but the way you share and infuse your personality in your business to differentiate yourself from the rest! This would be SO beneficial in the early stages of your business, but also as you grow-- and especially for any time you have a big project/change (big launch, new offering, added team members, etc).



Some things you may be wondering about brand photos...

Q: Do you travel for brand shoots?

A: YES!  My photography business has taken me all around the country and I love traveling for work!  I'd love to provide you with a custom quote for travel-- travel fees include cost of flight, car, and hotel per day.



Some things you may be wondering about brand photos...

Q: What printing/use rights do I get with my gallery?

A: You will get the full high-resolution download, and a release to print/share/use your photos completely as you wish (though I do still love to be tagged on social media as your photog!). You can use them for ads, print, social media, websites-- the possibilities are endless! You will get a commercial release as well.



Some things you may be wondering about brand photos...

Q: Do you offer Collections with more or less coverage?

A: If you are looking for a full day (maybe your business is growing rapidly, you have a lot of staff, or are starting at square one with NO imagery and need a LOT), just reach out and I would love to make you a custom collection!
If you are looking for traditional headshots only, I'd love to refer you to a friend that specializes in studio headshots and can serve you perfectly.



Some things you may be wondering about brand photos...

Q: When do these sessions take place?

A: I shoot branding sessions on weekdays (typically beginning in morning hours).  Weekend times are available for an additional $200 for 2 hour and $400 for 4 hour sessions.  Reach out if you have scheduling questions!



Some things you may be wondering about brand photos...

I’m Jill, a professional photographer, educator, and mama to 3.


After years of shooting weddings and families, I began educating photographers through in-person coaching sessions and taking a lot of headshots as a result. I was always drawn to a more natural style of posing and to photos of them actually DOING their work with that behind-the-scenes feel. 

And when I was asked to do my first branding session for a fashion industry friend...
                                         I became hooked.  

I realized that I am creatively wired in a way that makes it EASY and FUN for me to take other's intangible business concepts and turn them into photos. Photos that tell who they are and what they do, and can ultimately change the way they relate to their dream clients as a result! 

Branding photography is the PERFECT combo of my 10 years of experience photographing a wide variety of clientele, styling decor and details, online marketing for my own business, and educating other photographers. In that time, I’ve helped photographers build and market successful businesses on their own terms through coaching sessions and online education, and now through strategic brand photography that’ll take the guesswork out of their marketing.

I have also...

-Photographed over 125 weddings and over 500 family sessions.

-Taught hundreds of moms and photographers how to use their phones and cameras, edit their photos, and run successful businesses.

-Hosted in person coaching sessions for almost 50 photographers, gaining extensive experience in traditional headshots-- but also learning what WORKS really well for creative business owners!

-Had photography published in over 20 wedding and media blogs, including the Huffington Post.

-Been a Speaker and Educator for the Belle Lumiere Bundle, the Rising Tide Society, the Julie Paisley Summit, and the Central Illinois Professional Photographers.

-Built a 6-figure photography business while working part-time and staying home with my kids part-time!

I am so excited to hear all about your business and your brand!

I photograph a limited number of businesses each year so that I can give each brand owner an unparalleled experience- you are so much more than just another client to me, and I can't wait to get to know you and your business!

For more information, please fill out this contact form and I’ll get back to you soon!