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September 27, 2015

I am so excited to share this beautiful new baby E after his parents maternity session a few months ago, which was one of my favorite sessions of the summer!  I traveled to their beautiful home, in the middle of a major restoration project (wait until you see their finished dining room- I NEVER thought I would shoot in a dining room for a lifestyle newborn session but I couldn’t stay out!).  And on that note, I have photographed in some beautiful nurseries.  And I think all of my newborn parents do an amazing job with them- but I HAVE to rave about this nursery before you even see it!  It had a vintage travel theme for this sweet little boy explorer, and it was absolutely adorable- I over-shared a bit on it!  Derek and Hannah make wonderful, calm, kind parents for their boy.  And he ADORES them! Emmett calms instantly at their touch and voices, and is so comfortable in their arms.  I loved seeing them together, and can’t wait to watch him grow up!  Congrats, H family–I am so excited for you guys, and loved photographing you again!  Now friends…check out this nursery, and this sweet new family!

Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0001Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0019Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0020Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0037Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0003
Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0004
Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0017Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0005Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0006Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0007Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0018Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0008

Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0024Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0009Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0025
Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0026Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0022Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0023
Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0028

Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0027Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0029Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0030Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0031Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0040Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0010Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0011Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0032Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0036Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0033Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0034Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0035These two love their sweet pets (pictured later)…and mom is a veterinarian! So of course, we had to grab a quick picture with mom’s tools!

Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0039Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0038Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0012Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0013Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0045Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0014LOVE photographing newborns outside…and they had fall leaves! Just in their yard- it was crazy!

Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0046Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0047Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0015Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0049Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0042Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0048Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0043Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0016Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0050Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0041Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0051Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0052Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0044Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0054So excited for this happy family!! Jacksonville Newborn Photographer_0053


  1. Shauna Balzer says:

    Such a cute family! I love their nursery!! 🙂

  2. Debbie Pence Johnson says:

    Beautiful pictures…Beautiful family!

  3. Amber Turner says:

    Beautiful pictures!! Welcome baby Emmett into the family he’s so precious!

  4. Penny Reynolds Decker says:

    Congratulations on Emmett’s arrival. The house looks wonderful & seeing you two so happy with your new family makes my heart soar with happiness that it really WAS meant to be.

  5. Candi Leonard says:

    So sweet!! Love that nursery too!

  6. Misty Adams Christensen says:

    These are SO sweet! And that’s THE cutest house!!! Love all their decor!

  7. Cinnamon Ruvolo Wolfe says:

    So sweet! love in home sessions. I have that same globe!! haha

  8. Ashley Durham says:

    I love, love, love lifestyle newborn sessions!!!! Beautiful job!

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