And if you are a big dreamer who wants to turn your photography passion into a business that allows you to work from home and create whatever work schedule you want while doing something you love, I’ve got your back there, too--

That’s why I’ve created multiple resources for any mom-paparazzi season you’re in. From “I-got-this-camera-yesterday” all the way to “I-can-shoot-in-manual-but-want-more,” I’ve got an option for you to take you to the next level.

 And the best part: you can learn with ANY camera of your choice (including your iphone!).

From the quick-fix of “I want to take better photos today with whatever phone or camera I have” to a deep dive into taking gorgeous, meaningful photos in every situation…the Jill Gum Classroom has a clear and convenient educational resource for you!
Just scroll and take a look...and fill out the contact form if you aren't sure what you need!

If you are anything like me, you want to take photos that:
  • Are quick to set up
  • Have easy (or no!) settings needed
  • Don’t need editing at all, or can be edited instantly
  • You can see AND feel
  • Tug your heartstrings right back to that moment in time

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Picture this: You see your kid doing something adorable, and run to grab your camera of choice. When you get back and–miracle!!-- the moment is still photo-worthy, and…CLICK! You look at your camera…and your heart sinks. The photo doesn’t really show what your eyes are seeing at all.

I’ve been there, and found myself so frustrated… 
because while the days are long, the years are SO short…
and photos are what we have to remember it all with.


A 1.5-hour video course designed to transform your pics from “just a cell phone photo” to beautiful, bright, album-worthy pictures.




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Edit your cell phone photos with just ONE click to either "fix" an issue or add beautiful "flair" and style to your photo!

JILL GUM Everyday
Fix and Flair Presets



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One photographer. One site.  Dozens of resources.  

From my recommended camera gear to software to my favorite business books...if you're looking for it, this page has it! 

Jill Gum 
Tools + Resources



An intro video course to teach you all the ins and outs of shooting in Manual Mode with your camera.

Mastering Manual Photography Mini-Course



As a past teacher, Mrs Gum was my name for a long time– but please call me Jill! I’m head photographer and teacher in the Jill Gum Classroom. I love teaching moms, because being a mom is how it all started for me…I fell in love with taking pictures of my baby boy, and the rest is truly history. I have spent years creating courses that make the complex both simple and fun. Courses that feel like coffee with an old-friend-turned-cheerleader who spills all the details (but none of the coffee!) and has a college degree in teaching. So you get everything you need, broken down in an understandable way, and nothing else!

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with your fellow Mom paparazzi?!

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Love Notes

"Your shooting in manual class corrected my self-taught mistakes, and after a year of Photo U, I have more confidence than ever with my camera.  My family and friends are indebted to you for teach me to preserve these fleeting moments in our lives. "


"Jill has a wonderful way of targeting insecurities with equal doses of encouragement and constructive criticism. She took my questions and concerns about my business and gave me tangible, manageable advice in each area. She helped me extract the panicked feeling that had leaked into my "business plan"and see things for what they really were. She helped me build a more simple and consistent brand. She has great ideas, she listens well, and ultimately she made me feel empowered to do the things I've been dreaming about. My website looks better, my communication with clients is more focused and appealing, and most importantly-- I'm excited and not scared by the future of my business!


"Jill's workshop really inspired me to dive into my passion of photography. I learned a lot of techniques and tips on using my camera and editing my photos, and the practice photo shoot was extremely helpful (and fun!)- Jill was so helpful and enthusiastic throughout the entire workshop, which made the experience even more amazing!"


"My mentoring session with Jill was fun, informative, and has already allowed me to see improvement in my photography. She was relaxed, down to earth, and let me direct what areas I needed to spend more time focusing on. Thanks, Jill! 


"Before I attended Jill's beginner workshop, I always LOVED flipping through her blog and admiring the pictures she took with the "fancy blurry" background and beautiful sunflare. I always thought that those types of photos were impossible for me to take...UNTIL I learned from Jill! Her breakdown of camera settings, posing suggestions, and loads of encouragement has motivated me to delve deeper into my own photography and take my camera off the auto settings!!! And I have been LOVING the results of the confidence JGP's workshop has given me!"


"The workshop completely changed the way I look at my camera! I can actually take it off automatic mode and know what I am doing. Jill was so willing to help me with any problems I was having and set up great situations for us to practice our newly learned skills"


"Before I met Jill,  I was obsessed with her work and her Blog! I have been a HUGE fan of hers since I first laid eyes on her talent. When I saw she was teaching, I was ecstatic!!! I have been a photographer for a while now, but I just needed that extra push and knowledge to make it even better! I am so glad I coached with her! She is not only an amazing photographer, but is also a wonderful teacher! She is laid back, easily approachable, and willing to answer anything she can! I would, without a doubt, sign up for any workshops Jill offers! I encourage anyone to do the same! Thank you Jill! You are truly gifted!"


My coaching session was one of the best investments I have ever made! I learned SO much and received a lot of information! I love having Jill as a mentor and feel I am able to ask her anything! I am excited for more educational opportunities with her!


"The Photo University has truly transformed my photography. For the first time I'm taking pictures of my family and friends with confidence, and feel like I'm really delivering something of quality for my clients. I know what I'm doing at almost every step along the way now."


"I truly enjoy the lessons and applying the lessons with practice. It continues to make a huge difference in my photography! It’s awesome to have a month in between each release to allow time for practice and review. Very digestible, immediately applicable and a game-changer."


"You can tell Jill is a teacher. She knows how to teach reaching all types of learners. I really enjoyed and looked forward to the content each month. My pictures have improved since day 1 in this course and truly thank Jill for that."


"I've loved it from the beginning. Thank you for all the hard work and for being available to your students. That's the difference! Having you with us real time, throughout the year.  After a year of Photo U, I have more confidence than ever with my camera. My family and friends are indebted to you for teaching me to preserve these fleeting moments in our lives."


Check out the amazing progress of my students in these before and after images
post taking Photo U or my in person workshops! I'm so proud of them!!

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