January 20, 2017

Ohh this sweet family! They are a family- and first they were brides of mine!  A lot of my couples are starting the next steps, but this is one of the first couples I got to photograph their newborn, and it is just so special to me!  There were a lot of things I loved about Heidi and Alyssa’s gorgeous fall wedding in 2015. But beyond anything I could say about it, I loved how clearly adored they were by so so many people. These two women just LOVE people. I feel like the spin a web of fun and kindness and support and love to everyone around them- and you cannot know them without getting caught in it. That is how I feel about them.  I have gotten to spend a lot of extra time with them the past year as a part of the Tuesdays Together group that I lead, and they bring so much to the table as small business owners (even if they are 2 of few non photographers that join us!).  I just admire them so much and think they are absolutely rocking out in so many ways in their lives- and sweet baby M is the most clear picture of that! Just WAIT until you see his little face!!!!  You all just make the most beautiful and loving parents- and there was such a calm about you in this role when I was there. I LOVED seeing it- and can’t wait to share a few favorites here!

Isn’t he the sweetest?!

Congratulations to a BEAUTIFUL new family…and to this sweetest little boy who is going to be so incredibly loved.  Full gallery coming soon!


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