September 28, 2017

The week leading up to this session, Cassie and I weren’t sure it was going to happen…and then throughout the whole session, I felt like I had to keep pinching myself to remind myself it was real…because it was just all so beautiful!!  We met at a gorgeous forest preserve in the suburbs (they are from Wisconsin and we absolutely can’t wait for their Estate Winery wedding up there next year!) and it was such a beautiful evening (even if it was a little warmer than we had hoped!).  Cassie and Matt are lovely together, and both so easy to talk to and enjoy.  Cassie is extremely detail oriented and a planner, and Matt compliments her well with a laid back and calm disposition.  Sounds a little familiar to my own relationship…! 🙂  When we do destination engagement sessions Michael is often with me because we are traveling and that is so fun, so we really enjoyed meeting Cassie and Matt together!  Now it’s your turn to meet them! 🙂

Isn’t this all just lovely?! Love this on the left!! Favorite on the left!  You two are just so lovely together!
Cassie had planned fall outfits so 90 degrees and all, they rocked them with their sweet pup…I loved it! It looks like fall even if it didn’t feel like it! This location totally melted me…I so wish we had something like this in Central Illinois!  And these two were so willing to do whatever I asked…even if it included getting in the creek when we had a mile walk back to the cars and nothing to dry their feet off with!
It was SO worth it!! Thanks for trusting us, Cassie and Matt– we can’t WAIT for your wedding next year!! Full gallery coming soon!


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