November 16, 2017

The FIRST thing these two were telling me after hellos was that they were awkward in photos and nervous! I often joke with couples in the beginning of engagement sessions about the nerves…because they are so real! It can be really awkward for anyone to be professionally photographed, often for the first time, and throw in a good batch of PDA and I really get it!  But the funny thing is as nervous as these two were, they don’t look it for a second in any of these images! They were total naturals!  And beyond that, I’m pretty sure we could have wondered around the woods for hours just chatting- both of them are easy to talk to and so fun to get to know!  And they love Harry Potter, so that always builds connection with another long term fan who read the books in her teenage years and went to many a midnight party out!
Erica and I have worked together before on weddings (she is a fabulous hair stylist!) and it was so fun to see these two together.  While they might not feel it with the camera on them, they are so clearly just comfortable and at home together, in any situation, and I absolutely love that.  We had beautiful fall color, beautiful light, they were dressed well– it was just the perfect combo of an engagement session (and I know their wedding will be much the same!)!  Meet Erica and Dylan! Aren’t they lovely!? I’m telling you these two could model!!  This light! I think this was my favorite spot we found– worth the little hike into the woods, you two?! I think so!! Erica referred to this as her “grandma sweater” and it cracked me up! I loved it!  Ending with a new favorite!  Erica and Dylan, I LOVED spending time with you and can’t WAIT for your wedding next year!!! Full gallery coming soon!


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