December 28, 2017

While I have always loved decorating and home decor, I don’t fancy myself a talented decorator in any way shape or form. I seem to be able to do pretty well with one room at a time but with the more open floor plan concept, it is tricky for me to visualize things in a bigger way.  I also think I am just kind of a cheap home decor lover (Hobby Lobby anyone?!) which makes it hard to get a really high end finished look anywhere.  And I also love pictures SO much that sometimes we feel like we have way too many in our house and not enough real “adult” decor (whatever that really is).  But if I have a theme, a vision, and an isolated space…I can really enjoy it — see my other recent favorite room here (the JPG dream office!).  This is our 3rd nursery to decorate, and while I have loved them all, I wasn’t sure any could top my love of our last blush and gold nursery.  It was the initial inspiration and “trial run” if you will for my visual branding in my entire business! I was pretty sad, admittedly, to paint over those walls in preparation for this new nursery, but I believe in the end it is my very favorite!  I can’t wait to share it with you. 🙂
I was first inspired by a trip to said hobby lobby by their little adventure camping lumberjack section.  I have always loved buffalo plaid, and with this babe being due in the middle of winter it just felt right. I knew I would want fairly neutral walls in hopes that maybe we won’t have to paint again when he switches rooms eventually, and gray neutral worked so well in my mind with the red and black details!  We knew we wanted some animals to be a part of the theme, and our love of Alaska (and my childhood yearly ski trips to Canada) came into play with the moose and bear touches…it all just felt right!  A little adventure feel, a little camping vibe, and just a lot of sweet fun details (with some new matching white furniture) really made it all come to life.  And the final part that tied it all together…Mike’s accent wall.  We seem to have a theme of doing this in the rooms in our house (see office above!) and I totally love how it turned out!! We had initially discussed that this all might happen “over the next few months” since baby will be with us for a while, but of course, that never quite works out for me and we (especially Michael) worked so hard 3-4 weekends in a row to make it all happen.  We are so happy with the finished product!! Enjoy this sweet boys nursery!

Some day I may stop making gallery style walls…but not today! I just love them! Love this view!!  Here is Michael’s wall– car siding stained an antique type white (that came out lighter than we thought it would, but we love it!)! The blanket on the right is from one of our sweetest #jillgumcouples this year…our couples have been spoiling this baby boy all year and it means SO much to us!!! I have to mention that some sweet close local friends threw me the cutest “sprinkle” shower and just loved on baby boy…and the decor for the shower was so cute I had to use some of it in the nursery for now (like the diaper cake on the right!).  Lanterns found on Amazon!
I LOVE this new dresser and how it looks in the room! This little animal swing is one of my favorite touches…Michael outdid himself with the little details in this room that I found on pinterest and asked for! 🙂 We got a lot of cute lighting from Target for this room, and I just love it all!   This spot above the bookshelf is waiting for artwork that is coming later– but I couldn’t wait to share the nursery in general! Giraffe from another sweet couple of ours in the corner there! These books have mostly been well loved by his older siblings, with a new one or two here and there!
Almost all of the wall decor is from Hobby Lobby!  Did you know you should never buy anything full price there?! Almost half the store goes on sale weekly (50% off!) and you can ALWAYS find one 40% off coupon to use any visit on other items.

We had so much fun creating this nursery (or Michael might say so much stress! :)) and we cannot WAIT to have our next greatest adventurer in it!!


  1. How adorable! Love the Buffalo Plaid (which I just found out that’s the “official” name of this pattern this year! #LateToTheGame It’s Perfect, Jill!

  2. Laura says:


    How tall are the lanterns that you have hanging behind the crib? I love this idea!

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