November 26, 2018

For a person who has absolutely fallen in love with the country after living here for the past 10 years, there is little that still excites me when I’m shooting like the a big city with 100% different scenery than I get around home!  I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and spent a fair amount of my high school years thinking I would head to college in Chicago and enjoy city life for a long time.  My life took such different turns, but I truly love getting to head back to my former stomping grounds to get to photograph and there is a lot of it coming in 2019!

And to make it all so much better is these two: Annie and Jon!!!  They were so sweet together and to us, and we loved getting to know them during their engagement session.  They just make so much sense together.  They are both extremely warm and engaging people, and were so easy to chat with and share about life with.  Their wedding is at the Adler Planetarium next year and we are truly so excited for it, even now almost a year out!  Even though they have been together a long time, they looked at each other like they were still in that early “falling in love” stage and that is just the BEST.  They were so natural and comfortable in front of the camera (even if they didn’t feel it) and their love for each other was just so visible— I know you will see it too! Annie and Jon, we loved exploring Chicago with you (and your sweet pup!).  We can’t WAIT for August!!

Gotta get a little of that windy city look in here on the right! Favorite! I LOVED the idea of shooting in front of this mural- Chicago means so much to them, and it was so fun!
Look at their sweet dog!!!
Favorite! Now I just love these…it was late and cold and dark but the lights glimmering behind them…I haven’t ever shot in Chicago in that dark of an environment and LOVE the way they turned out!  Full gallery coming soon, Annie+Jon!!!


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