Central Illinois Winter Formal Engagement Photography Nini+Jim | Promised

February 28, 2019

I am SO excited to share these photos with you.  This session started a long run of winter engagement sessions on my schedule, and as a winter lover, they are so fun for me!  I see so much beauty in this season of the year– but especially with Nini and Jim.  I cannot believe how this all came together to give them the perfect engagement session…they wanted snow.  And our first weekend we planned for snowed so much that we could not get together– roads were impassable!  As they both work in the medical field, they have tricky schedules and we randomly rescheduled for a few weeks after our first attempt and figured we would just see and hope for snow.  Well out of the blue that AM, we got a perfect little dusting that made it very easy to move around– but gave just enough light cover to answer their wish!  It was a beautiful and crisp afternoon, and we got to go some places that I love but that don’t work well with sunny days– it was perfect!

Now, on to Nini and Jim, who completely enchanted me.  You have never met two nicer, more down to earth people.  Parts of their story remind me of Michael’s and my story, and that always endears me towards a couple quite a bit.  But beyond all of that, they are just so tender and sweet and kind with each other, and it is truly beautiful to see.  There is something very gentle about both of them that just makes you feel calm and comfortable in their presence, both as individuals but especially together.  Nini and Jim shared parts of their stories and lives with me, taking turns sharing the details.  They smile when they talk about each other and their history, even though they have been together for years.  It is so clear that they have such a beautiful and deep connection with each other and those around them.  And of course– they took such lovely photos! They were complete naturals in front of my camera interacting with each other, and I think you will see their connection quite clearly in these images!

An early favorite here! Nini, you ares so beautiful!
This is just how they naturally walked together! There’s even just a tiny bit of snow floating in the air at this point! Favorite on the left here! I love this location and this picture!  Worth the cold, right Nini and Jim?? Nini and Jim, I LOVED meeting you guys! Your full gallery is coming soon, and I can’t WAIT for your wedding!


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