February 5, 2019

I believe sweet little Harrison was the quietest newborn I have EVER photographed…and 6 months later, he is still a COMPLETE doll! I’m not sure this baby EVER cries…and even if you ask mom and dad, they admit it’s SUPER rare!  I am a baby lover for sure regardless…but that is just extra amazing!  He is happy and smiley and SUPER inquisitive…which is why as I approached him with my camera his smiles exchanged for beautiful wide-eyed stares!  His baby blue eyes just grabbed me, and there wasn’t a thing about him that wasn’t just super sweet.  But more than anything, I loved  how connected he was to his mama and daddy. I cannot remember this ever happening before in all my years photographing, but when I was photographing the 3 of them together with him in their laps, he kept turning around facing them as though to make sure they were still there since they were out of his view. It was the absolute cutest.  He sure is one lucky little boy to have these two as mom and dad, and I can’t think of two more deserving parents for this beautiful boy!!!

Here are some of my favorites!


Click here to see Harrison’s newborn session!!!


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