Central Illinois Winter State Park Engagement Session Brittany + Ryan | Promised

March 13, 2019

Oh these late winter sessions are reminding me of the many reasons I LOVE winter.  But this one…it was cold.  Brittany and Ryan’s engagement session, by the end, might have been the coldest session I have ever shot.  But these two? Not a single complaint…you literally never would have known! And it wasn’t just about their obviously extremely kind, easy to please, and congenial personalities.  It was about their comfort and happiness together.  I got the feeling from my few hours with them that they are able to face pretty much anything together and take it in stride because of the way they interact with each other.  It is really beautiful!  I loved walking around with these two, getting to know them, and learning about their story…they just put me at such ease.  They are so comfortable together, and make others feel the same way.  They just kind of wrapped me up in their kindness, and I know their wedding will be beautiful, not just because of them, but because I’m guessing everyone else in their world gets wrapped up in their kindness and warmth also, and I’m guessing it’s going to be a pretty fun time filled with a lot of great people!

Meet Brittany and Ryan. Favorite!! Another favorite! These tall grass photos are my favorites (also :))!! Brittany and Ryan, I LOVED meeting you two and cannot wait for your wedding! Full gallery coming soon!


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