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July 10, 2019

One of details about wedding planning that can really sneak up on a bride and groom is finding thank you gifts for their wedding party (and every wedding I have ever been a part of or photographed has done this, so I think it’s pretty much a must do!).  For people who love gift giving, this can be really fun…but for others, it can be a super stressful and last minute part of the process.  When we were planning our wedding 9 years (!!!What?!) ago, there weren’t a ton of fun creative options like there are now– and I LOVE checking them out so I can recommend some great ideas to my brides!  I gifted custom clutches in lieu of flowers for my bridesmaids and they carried them down the aisle — it was fun and unique, but not super easy to find and come up with!!

A few weeks ago, a friend from the Bridesmaids Gifts Boutique reached out to me to see if I wanted to check out one of their bridesmaids gifts to see what I thought about it, and as a girl who loves bags and robes and…all pretty things?, I of course said yes!  They sent me a beautiful Bag that I am SO excited to share with you today!  I love the bag, but also have to mention that they have SO MANY AMAZING gift options– I am sharing more of my favorites at the bottom of this post!

The bag I got is called the Rome If You Want Tote, and is advertised as a weekender type bag that you could go on a weekend trip with and fit everything in– and it is totally that!

It has SO much space in it.  It zips closed on top, and there is also a zip pocket on the inside for those things you want quick access to. It has both an adjustable shoulder strap and handles, both which are easy to carry it with.  The bag is made of canvas, and comes in this gray stripe that I got or a black stripe.  One of the things that I LOVE about this site is that you can monogram for free, and I love a good monogram!  There are tons of color options too (but of course, I had to go with a metallic!).  The bag sits up on it’s own when full very easily, and has a cute little faux leather tassel detail too (and I LOVE the color of the faux leather).  It’s just an adorable, easy bag with tons of space inside!

I just used mine on a week long trip with the kids as the go-bag with all the extra stuff I needed them for the car and was excited that it fit my toiletries bag as well that didn’t fit in my suitcase- I was shocked by how much I got in it easily!

There are so many cute (and mostly customizable!) gifts at the Bridesmaids Gifts Boutique‘s website!  Here are a few of my other favorites that are offered: Robe, Robe, Tumbler, Tote.

And let’s not forget the guys…if you’re looking for gifts for the men in your wedding party, check out Groovy Groomsmen Gifts.  This online shop features a wide variety of unique personalized gifts for groomsmen that are pretty awesome too!

This is such an easy and FUN way to find gifts your girls and guys will love!  So ladies, tell me, if you are planning, dreaming, or have already have had your wedding…what did you get for your bridesmaids?


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