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March 26, 2020

I‘m excited to share the first installment today of a project I am working on with some local photographers that we did years ago and are starting again now!!

A group of my local photographer friends and I have set out to document a slice of our lives during this time in our world. Our project is called “THE FAMILY WAS HERE,” and is taken from the original project by KETTI PHOTOGRAPHY called “THE KIDS WERE HERE.” The idea is simple but gives such a strong message: to document what our family leave behind during our day to day lives as we are quarantined at home.

The purpose is to not only document the “messes,” but to capture a part of our lives and our children’s lives and to record these irreplaceable memories. And although these things may seem trivial today or even a burden at times, these “messes” are the ones that will mean so much to us tomorrow and will be some of the most important images we will ever photograph, besides those of our children. We hope this encourages others to take photographs at this time and to remember how these “messes” will soon be wonderful memories.  When people work together and do things together- great things can happen!  Here are some of the sweet messes from this week in my house.

Please take a minute to follow the links to see the other local photographers who are also participating in this project!  My sweet and super talented friend Andrea is next– click over to her page HERE and continue the circle to see what these amazing women are up to capturing in their own homes!

If you are interested in learning more about taking better photos yourself with whatever camera you use (including your iphone!), or even more so in getting some fun tips straight to your inbox about capturing the beauty in this strange time we are all in, I am running an easy fun online challenge next week– feel free to check out my previous post for all the details or sign up HERE to join! #MakeMagicFromMess


We love reading your comments! Please feel free to share using the links- thanks for being a part of this story!

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