MOTHERS DAY PHOTOGRAPHY GIFT CERTIFICATE OPTIONS! Session Gift Certificate or Credit Towards a Session

May 3, 2020

You might be really on top of things and ahead of schedule…or you might be more like we are in this household, which means sort of last minute when it comes to gifts and celebrations.  We LOVE the people in our lives…but we aren’t great at getting this stuff together ahead of time!  So if you are like us and still looking for a fun Mother’s day gift (or maybe you are looking for a gift for sometime in the future!),  one of these options might be for you!  I have never offered either of these specific options before, so I am very excited to now!

OPTION 1: I am now offering a gift certificate credit towards a larger session!  I know that not everyone can purchase a full session for a gift– but this credit could help you or your loved one with a credit towards a future session!  This credit can be used on any future session offering from me, including Mini-sessions (on my offered dates throughout the year), family sessions, anniversary sessions, maternity/newborn sessions, or wedding photography!  And one of my favorite parts: You can pick the amount!  The minimum is $50, but you can choose any amount from there beyond that suits your gifting wants!

Use ideas: This might a really great way for a few siblings to go in together on a gift for mom, or something a mom could ask for from her spouse for Mother’s Day that would make booking a future session easier!  And if you have a soon-to-be-mama in your life, this would make an amazing gift!


OPTION 2: For a limited time only, I am offering FULL MINI-SESSION GIFT CARDS at a highly reduced rate.  This gift certificate option gives you a full gift certificate for a future mini-session on one of my offered dates at a $80 discount.  For a limited time, you can purchase your full mini-session now for $195 (my minis run between $250-275 and usually go up a bit each year).  This will get you a fully paid spot in any of the mini-sessions I run in the next 2 years– once I announce the dates (typically 2 months ahead of time, and I typically run minis 3-4 times a year), you can just email me to get your fully paid session reserved (and save $80 doing it)!  Photographers can now photograph with social distancing outside, but I want to be extra safe, so I am not planning to run minis in May.  At this point, I am hoping to run minis in June, October, and November of this year.  This is a one time offer that expires in 2 weeks!

Use ideas: If you are a returning client of mine or would like to book a mini with me, this is a great deal to book a mini with!  Especially if you planned to see me in the spring or fall anyways!

Or of course, this makes a lovely all inclusive gift for the mama in your life!  I always run 6 dates a year, both weekend and weekday, so there are options that work with everyone’s calendar, and I could work on a separate date with a family in extenuating circumstances!


Note: I only offer extended family sessions for returning clients at this point so if I haven’t photographed you or someone in your extended group, I can only offer immediate family sessions at this time.  Sorry about that!


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