Outdoors, very small intimate group, totally different venue, and some of their closest friends missing.  As the theme for 2020…it wasn’t what they planned.  But as their pastor said…it was perfect for that day.  Under the sunshine and among the vineyard vines, Liz and Neil had truly one of the most lovely and personal ceremonies I have ever witnessed.  The pastor spoke of both of their hearts and commitment to loving other people.  Of the ease of which he got to know Neil, our groom, as a teenager and how Neil’s warm welcome was instrumental in the beginning of his pastoral work in Springfield.  He spoke of 2 people who love adventure and friendship and value kindness, and I know all of this to be so true of this amazing couple.  There were so many tears of great emotion during this beautiful ceremony (some from me!) and I completely understand why.  But for some reason the moment that got me the most was when the 2 hymns, representative of beloved Grandparents, were sang…and every single person donned a mask (many of them wearing the masks Liz and Neil made with their wedding crest on it!).  It was an act of love and service to each other…which is 100% who Liz and Neil are.

This day was stunning.  Honestly, I can imagine the hardship of changing plans so drastically and knowing people you really want there aren’t in person.  But there is something really special about the tiny close knit group, and I believe these intimate weddings will bond these groups together in a unique way that has not been done before.  A full big wedding day has so much hustle and so little time to actually SPEND with family…and this is so different.  It was really a perfect day.

Liz and Neil, my fondness for you grew over this day so much, even though I already adored you both.  I am SO excited to share these favorites! This getting ready and first look location (the Three Pines in Petersburg!) was PERFECT!!! Firs look down a grand staircase!!! Liz’s GORGEOUS dress from Gowns really blew me away!!! So many touching personal moments! I honestly love little more than vineyards for weddings!!! The super talented Angela from Rose Colored Notions KILLED it with the florals and arch!!  Amazing, and she is a GEM to work with!! Liz and Neal, it was truly my honor.  I can’t wait for your vow renewal next year!  I adore you both and your families and can’t wait to see what adventures the future brings for you!

To see Liz and Neil’s lovely downtown engagement session, click here!

We absolutely loved working with Liz and Neil’s awesome creative team!!

Florist and day of planner: Rose Colored Notions

Venue: Hill Prairie Winery

Wedding Dress: Gowns

Getting ready Venue: The Three Pines

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  1. Newlyn and Lucy Hosea says:

    May the Lord bless your marriage with many years of happiness May you be a witness to the world of His love and care for His people.

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