July 22, 2020

You guys…this was such a fun session for me.  Morgan and Brendan met me somewhere that they love that is very important to them…but somewhere I have never shot an engagement session (let alone at any golf course, or with their actual clubs). It was so them, and I loved it so much.  They are actually going to play a round of golf on their wedding day and it will be so fun!  Morgan and Brendan are naturally comfortable, fun loving, and joyful together.  They laugh a lot, don’t take life too seriously, and know how to just enjoy the ride!  Brendan is sarcastic and funny, and Morgan has this laugh that is like a little song…I feel like my day was instantly better after meeting them, and I am guessing that is how everyone who knows them feels.  I cannot wait for their wedding day because I know it will be relaxed, enjoyable, and so fun!

I love these all so much.  Their pup wasn’t too interested in photos this day…but we got it figured out I think!

Morgan and Brendan, I can’t WAIT for October!!! Full gallery coming soon!!


  1. Johnette says:

    Beautiful engagement photos. You can see how happy you both make each other. Best wishes❤

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