October 15, 2020


Makinzie and Ryan met and began dating in high school…and I can’t help but wonder if in those early days of their love, they had any idea where it all would take them!  Their wedding day was the culmination of so many years together, so many memories, friendships, and shared experiences, and it was truly beautiful.  Makinzie and Ryan worked very hard in their planning to add in a lot of personal and special touches and it made for such a creative, fun wedding day!  The adjusted their wedding plans big time to fit 2020, and had a very intimate ceremony.  Immediately following, we went to Makinzie’s grandma’s house, where her and Ryan cut their wedding cake in the same kitchen her grandparents had.  We took photos in front of her grandma’s porch and they hosted a drive by selfie parade, where their extended family who couldn’t come to the ceremony could stop by, congratulate them, and my favorite part….be sent away with Makinzie’s mom’s famous chili in a grab and go dinner!  It was so creative and fun, and I loved watching them interact with their loved ones.  Then we went to a few different meaningful and beautiful portrait locations, including my favorite, the big stadium at SHG where their love story began.  It was SO fun to see them there together, and I could imagine them when it all began.

We ended the day at Makinzie’s aunt’s house for a backyard reception that was beautiful, simple, and exactly right for them!  It was a lovely day filled with personal touches and experiences that was so fitting for the start of their marriage!

And I didn’t mention yet…but it was a beautiful day.  The colors, flowers, details, weather…I can’t wait to share these from this gorgeous early fall wedding!!

I think some dust flew in Ryan’s eye here, right Ryan?? 😂 I LOVED Makinzie’s dress SO much- it had so many beautiful unique layers and fit her PERFECTLY!! These are 2 of my favorites from the day- Blessed Sacrament is SO beautiful and I love how these look! And these…so many favorites!! Fall was truly starting to show ALL it’s brilliance and it only added to this darling couple! I loved it so much!! Makinzie you are so gorgeous!!!

Full gallery coming soon Makinzie and Ryan- thank you SO much for letting me be a part of your gorgeous day! I am SO happy for you two!!!

Ceremony Venue: Blessed Sacrament

Dress: Michelle’s Bridal & Tuxedo

Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Videographer: Levi Kirby

Hair Stylist: Brittney Tester from The Gallery

Makeup Artist: Savanna Hoback from The Gallery

Cake:  Kenzie Kelly

Officiant: Father Jeff Grant


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