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PHOTOGRAPHY FOR MOMS 101 is LIVE! An Online Starter Course for beautiful photos in UNDER 3 hours!!

It’s no secret…teaching mamas how to take better photos with whatever camera suits their fancy has been one of my FAVORITE parts of my job for half a decade now!  After years of in-person workshops, creating the Cell Phone Photography course, and teaching our Signature Course, the Jill Gum Photo University, I know just what mamas are struggling with when it comes to their cameras (whether it’s their iPhone or their a DSLR/mirrorless camera) and how to help them capture those album-worthy images.

My #1 goal is to help moms transform their photos into photos they’re proud of and will cherish for years to come!

Take a look at some photos from my 100+ students who have learned how to use their “fancy camera”–these results will blow you away!!

Introducing…Photography for Moms 101!

Photography for Moms 101 is a beginners guide to learning how to shoot in manual, find good light, and take beautiful photos with a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

What’s All Included?

    • 8 Video lessons that break down all of the introductory skills you need to know, including shooting in manual, what all the settings do, and how to adjust/choose the right ones.
    • Multiple video demonstrations that cover must-know photography concepts such as composition and lighting, so you can photograph like a professional in any situation.
    • Access to an exclusive Jill Gum Photo Education Facebook group, so you can interact with other students and ask Jill all those burning photography questions!
    • A bonus video showing you how to choose the right lighting outdoors so you can take beautiful photos in any situation you find yourself in (including those outdoor kid activities!).

In less than 3 hours, you could learn my EXACT process for taking beautiful photos of your kids.  This class is PERFECT for the busy mom, photographer, student, or hobbyist who doesn’t have the TIME to commit hours and hours to learn how to use their camera bit-by-bit through endless google research on their own, and is looking for a quick, simple starter ROADMAP to guide them to beautiful photos with EVERY click!  It is everything you need and no extra fluff- perfect for a mom new to her camera that just wants better photos!

You might be wondering how much it would cost to get online education, on your own time, to help you take your photos from this (from one of my sweet students):


For lifetime access to Photography for Moms 101, it will cost a one-time payment of $99.  THIS IS THE LOWEST PRICE Photography for Moms 101 will be offered for, and the Launch Sale is only available for a super limited time before the price goes up!  

Mamas, in the same amount of time as one night of watching the Bachelor Finale + After the Final Rose, you could finally:

  • learn exactly how to take your camera off Automatic mode and how to shoot in Manual
  • understand key lighting + composition rules that make for a beautiful image (…you know, the secrets and tricks of the photography trade without all the extra fluff!)
  • get access to a professional photographer and ask all those pressing photography questions, 24-7-365 in the community group!

And the BEST PART?? When you join today, you will get immediate BONUS access to an exclusive lesson in which I cover photographing OUTDOORS–so you’ll be prepared to be a mom paparazzi at your kids next cloudy soccer game, during hazy afternoon bike rides, or in the harsh sun at summer pool parties!

This course is for the mom, photographer, camera enthusiast, grandparent, or nature lover who wants to learn to photograph better!  We will cover a lot of topics related to photographing your kids, but this content will help you photograph better–regardless of your subject!  It is REAL education for REAL life,  where you can watch it on your own time, when you can, and rewatch as you need for review!  It is education for beginning photographers who want to learn the foundation of photography and shooting in manual mode, and who want to see a transformation in their photos!

And it is the perfect gift for a loved one or yourself!  Give your family the gift of beautifully captured memories this year– this class will do that for you!  Click HERE to learn more about the course, but also feel free to shoot me an email at in the meantime with any questions you might have.


Here are a few more before/after shots from my students who have learned this content!  Many of these before and afters are of the SAME subject…just after my students learned how to use their cameras!!  I’m SO PROUD of them!!!

Do you want these results too?? You can photograph like this for just one payment of $110 on sale!


Edit your cell phone photos with just ONE click to either "fix" an issue or add beautiful "flair" and style to your photo!

JILL GUM Everyday
Fix and Flair Presets



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As a past high school teacher, I have a major heart for education. After going full time in my business, I have built a business I love that gives me an almost 6 figure salary and allows me to be home part time with my kids.  I dream for you to run a business that enhances your life and lights you up, and I believe I can help you learn how to do it with a little hustle and a lot of heart!

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