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STUDIO MINIS ARE OPEN FOR THE REST OF 2023!! Central Illinois Natural Light Photography Studio Fall and Christmas/Holiday Sessions

Today is SUCH a fun day as I share my Magic of Childhood studio minis for the remainder of 2023 (and– they are all open for booking today!).  Each session type has different details based on many of the factors involved (how long it will take for great photos, cost on my end, etc)– so keep a close eye on the details of each session type to make sure you are clear on what is offered for each month!  Also keep in mind that these are JGP’s inside studio offerings for the remainder of the year– but if you are looking for outdoor fall sessions or tree farm sessions, those are available as well!

Click HERE to see available dates for all 2023 outside sessions!

We have weekdays and weekends available for fall outdoor sessions!

Studio Sessions for the remainder of 2023















This month is all about your family and your pet BFF! This session can include the full family or just kids, and will include a clean backdrop with interactive and smiling-at-the-camera photos with your pet! Bring your puppy, cat, or bunny (reach out if you have a different type of pet to make sure it will work!) to the square!

Note: Session includes all members of immediate family and up to 2 pets- add on extra pet upgrade if you have more than 2!



I have LOVED year after year taking my kids out to do some Halloween costume photos that show off their costume and a whole lot of personality with it as well (my favorite was 7 year old Batman E1 jumping off a high curb with his cape flying in the wind!) and am SO excited to be able to bring these to the studio!  These are simple, quick, and super easy for parents wanting to have this year’s costume choice captured (in a super stress free way)!

Note: Each session spot is for 1 kid, or add another on for $15 (I will invoice for that after you sign up)– grab 2 sessions for 3 or more kids (which then includes twice the photos/etc).  If you book 2 sessions and decide to upgrade to your full gallery, you will get BOTH full gallery upgrades for the price of 1!



Experience the magic of the Christmas Season with a photo session with Santa in the JGP Studio!  Let your kids meet and greet Santa in a quiet, special, stress-free setting (without lines or waiting!) and share their wishes with him! Photos returned within 2 weeks for Christmas Card order!

I am so excited for these, because I will ALWAYS cherish my kids’ Santa sessions throughout the years!  The photos above are from Santa’s visit to our studio last year and he is the same Santa reserved for this year’s sessions!

Session includes up to 4 kids, and parents are welcome to jump into a photo as well with Santa and their kids!



For these adorable fun sessions, put your kids in their matching Christmas PJs and get photos in a cozy, festive set up. Top it off with some hot cocoa, marshmallows, and a chocolate cookie for your littles, these will make PERFECT Christmas card photos for a family wanting pictures of just their kids with a fun, sweet Saturday-morning-cozy-breakfast vibe.

Note: Each session spot is for 1 kid, or add another on for $20 (I will invoice for that after you sign up)– grab 2 sessions for 3 or more kids (which then includes twice the photos/etc).  If you book 2 sessions and decide to upgrade to your full gallery, you will get BOTH full gallery upgrades for the price of 1!


Or maybe you would rather have…

For these minis, picture a fun, fancy party (like New Years Eve!) with your fam, and make it what you want! You can all dress up and bring the glam, or take another interpretation! Backdrop includes metallics and I’ll include confetti poppers, balloons, and blowers for the whole fam! This is a fun alternative to a typical Christmas set up, and final galleries will be delivered in time for your holiday cards!

Parents and kid included in 1 session spot for these! If family is larger than 5 people, please book more than one session!


Last but not least, if you make your way to the scheduler, you may also see Studio Family Minis.  These aren’t themed, and are just all about your family– I will shoot just ONE per month, and they are also open to book now!  Here is the link to the whole scheduler: CLICK HERE!

You can also use that link to see all the options at once and see what dates might work best for you!

I am SO EXCITED to get moving with these sessions (and those Pet sessions are in just a couple weeks!)–  see you at the Studio!  Email me at if you have any questions!

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