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Laura+Craig: Engaged | Springfield, IL Engagement Session

Oh my goodness, I cannot get enough of these fall engagement sessions and these AMAZING couples I am blessed to work with!! I had so much fun with these two and their adorable dog on a crisp fall evening, and can’t help but think about how lucky I am to get to do this. It is just amazing to be around newly engaged couples, soon to be graduated seniors, and families that want to capture their memories and to get immersed in their stories. There is so much joy involved in this work (if one can even call it that!) and I LOVE that- it is one of my favorite emotions! πŸ™‚ I met Laura at a wedding I photographed earlier this year and she was NEWLY engaged- so exciting! I was thrilled for her then, and so excited to hear from her a few weeks later that she wanted me to photograph her wedding as well- it’s amazing! So we got planning right away, and I just loved getting to know and watch her and Craig together. They are so comfortable together, and there is no fuss…just easy and completely visible love. Both of them are so EASY to talk to and spend time with, and made photographing them a breeze- they were up for anything and totally engaged in the process, which I LOVED! And their puppy…I just am not sure I have seen a prettier dog- and she had all the energy and craze of my Piper, which only adds to the fun! I can’t wait to share them with you- enjoy this beautiful fall engagement and be on the lookout for their beautiful fall wedding next year!!!
 photo LC_0006_zps56fd2a1c.jpg photo LC_0005_zpsb283a14f.jpg photo LC_0008_zps97eaf8aa.jpg
This was within the first 3 minutes, and I KNEW things were going to go well! Laura, you are gorgeous!!
 photo LC_0009_zpsac9b4e78.jpg photo LC_0010_zps1ede5c4e.jpg photo LC_0011_zps58e0f476.jpg photo LC_0013_zpsaeeddc83.jpg photo LC_0012_zpsd79151a8.jpg photo LC_0015_zpsa565840f.jpg
And this is one of my FAVORITE engagement photos…ever! I love it!
 photo LC_0014_zpsa9b3b22b.jpg photo LC_0017_zpsd4dad6cb.jpg photo LC_0018_zps929ebcd0.jpg photo LC_0019_zps244aac0a.jpg photo LC_0022_zps84547553.jpg
I LOVE all the fall color!
 photo LC_0020_zpsb4cac895.jpg photo LC_0021_zps42d8b21a.jpg photo LC_0024_zps9426b0f0.jpg photo LC_0025_zpsee79cf47.jpg photo LC_0026_zpsf660a590.jpg photo LC_0023_zpse6c9ccfe.jpg
Craig chose a GORGEOUS ring for Laura!!
 photo LC_0032_zpsf665c375.jpg photo LC_0029_zps234bd3ec.jpg photo LC_0027_zps8b43a140.jpg photo LC_0030_zpsd81777f3.jpg photo LC_0035_zpse1f78c46.jpg
Love this πŸ™‚
 photo LC_0031_zps6b132149.jpg photo LC_0033_zpse90a39a8.jpg photo LC_0028_zpse84b9928.jpg
Meet Ryder!!
 photo LC_0034_zps9f45f092.jpg photo LC_0037_zpsfc1c731d.jpg
 photo LC_0036_zps7954dfd5.jpg
I just adore this location and we had PERFECT light! photo LC_0040_zpsdd67b3ce.jpg
Ooohh this sun flare…
 photo LC_0039_zps8f938630.jpg photo LC_0043_zps81e796e5.jpg photo LC_0045_zps76c1ed53.jpg photo LC_0044_zpse6eadd31.jpg photo LC_0042_zpsa3b69568.jpg photo LC_0041_zps3b4d6acc.jpg photo LC_0046_zps7fb1d965.jpg photo LC_0048_zps8eb4ed80.jpg photo LC_0049_zps7f432792.jpg photo LC_0051_zpsf9c8fcff.jpg photo LC_0047_zpsee75a71a.jpg photo LC_0059_zps3c99e00a.jpg
 photo LC_0053_zps67f9553a.jpg photo LC_0052_zps72c59fcc.jpg
Love this πŸ™‚
 photo LC_0054_zps4625d9f7.jpg photo LC_0050_zps7b069eb6.jpg photo LC_0055_zps5a88ed77.jpg photo LC_0057_zpscadf5a48.jpg photo LC_0056_zpse8cdf23c.jpg
I cannot think of a more perfect image to end an engagement session with than this!! Congrats Laura and Craig!
 photo LC_0058_zps6b150c1c.jpg

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