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Craig+Laura: Married | Downtown Springfield Illinois Fall Wedding

The day dawned party cloudy and a beautiful fall 65 degrees.  Michael and I were doing our usual pre-wedding routine (which involves Starbucks for me and McDonalds for him) on our way as we talked the details of Laura and Craig’s wedding, and there was an excited energy in the car- it had been 5 weeks since our last wedding together, and we were SO ready to get our fall wedding season started!  And the day did NOT disappoint- it was absolutely delightful in every way!!!

I met Laura through one of my 2015 brides who I absolutely ADORED and who had one of the largest wedding parties I will probably ever photograph- Laura was one of those bridesmaids!  I liked her instantly, and completely fell in love with her and her Craig at their engagement session.  They were insanely sweet together, very playful, and have the most BEAUTIFUL dog I think I have ever seen! We had so much fun that night, and at dinner together after, and I knew we were a great match! Fast forward to their wedding day…Laura was in the Presidential Suite of a the stunning downtown Springfield Abraham Lincoln Hotel, surrounded by makeup and hair artists and 8 beautiful friends of hers (and a darling junior bridesmaid niece!), and it was a flurry of fun, laughter, hairspray, soulja boy, and drinks!  I was in absolute  heaven  photographing her stunning details- the perfect amount of neutral and color!  Their bridal party was ON POINT, their family was kind and welcoming, and their celebration was full of love.  Enjoy this beautiful day!

Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0003Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0006
Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0005Oh happy sigh…Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0007Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0008Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0009Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0010Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0011

Laura’s aunt had the foresight to give her a baptism bonnet…20 something years ago…that would turn into a handkerchief, her something old at her wedding. Unbelievably beautiful!Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0013Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0012

Mixed metals aren’t Laura’s favorite, but I loooove them!Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0014Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0002

The suite was INCREDIBLE!Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0015

Laura’s girls made her a beautiful and sweet scrapbook that they shared over tears in the morning. This is just about the sweetest tradition ever for a bride!!
Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0001Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0016Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0019Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0018Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0020Friends- robes for your bridesmaids is a BEAUTIFUL thing for the getting ready pictures! Love it!Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0021Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0023

These beauties were so excited to see her in her dress! They were such perfect bridesmaids!Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0022Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0026

Laura…you are PERFECT!  Absolutely stunning- this on the left is an all time favorite!Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0027Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0025Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0028Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0029

These flowers from by The Enchanted Florist took my breath away!Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0030Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0031Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0032

Michael’s view- love it!
Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0033Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0034Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0035Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0036Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0037
Laura!! I love this too!

Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0038Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0039Looking good, Craig!Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0040Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0041Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0042A favorite moment of wedding season so far.

Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0043Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0045Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0046Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0047Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0048Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0049Laura and Craig signed their marriage certificate as a part of their ceremony and I loved it.  Since this is the legally binding part, it seemed so right to include it, and it made something that gets done in an office and often just before the ceremony anyways so meaningful!Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0050Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0051Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0052Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0053Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0054Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0056

This may be one of my favorite portrait locations in all of downtown Springfield!Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0055Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0057

Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0058Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0059Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0060Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0061Love this bridal party!Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0062Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0063Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0064Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0065

Looking good guys!Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0066Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0067Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0070

Love these faces 🙂Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0071Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0072Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0069

Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0068Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0073Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0074Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0076
Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0075Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0078Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0077Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0079Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0080Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0081Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0082Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0084Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0083Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0085Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0086Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0087Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0088The ballroom was just all over elegance- loved it!Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0094Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0091

Tammy at Specialty Cakes made this STUNNING cake- I just love it!!

Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0089Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0090Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0092Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0093Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0099Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0100Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0101Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0102Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0103Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0104Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0105Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0107Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0111Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0108Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0109Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0110Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0095Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0112Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0113Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0114
There was so much fun fun dancing at this reception!!
Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0097Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0116Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0098Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0096Congrats Laura and Craig, we hope you are reliving your perfect day with your toes in the sand!! We are SO SO grateful that we got to be a part of your day and so excited for what comes next for you guys!!!Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0117

I loved working with Craig & Laura’s creative team!!

Wedding Dress Boutique: Bridal Elegance

Hair: Lyndsey Becker with Exsalonce Hair Studio

Makeup: Erica Bertrand with Appearances Salon

Flowers: Enchanted Florist

Cake: Tammy with Specialty Cakes

Venue/Catering: President Abraham Lincoln Hotel

Invitations: Lisa Lu Designs

DJ: DJ Bobby Dicken with X-treme Light & Sound

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  1. Candi Leonard says:

    Beautiful wedding!! Love all the detail shots!

  2. Cinnamon Ruvolo Wolfe says:

    These are FANTASTIC Jill! You should be very proud. I’m loving your detail shots. 😉

  3. Ashley Durham says:

    These are fantastic!!! Love the bouquet, such a gorgeous color palette.

  4. Beth Ebersole Dare says:

    So very lovely, Jill!! Love these….love the pics on the stairs!

  5. Hannah Woodard Lockaby says:

    Beautiful pictures! I particularly like the shot of him dipping her on the steps and how it shows off the beautiful architecture.

  6. Haley Schell Christiansen says:

    You did such a great job capturing the story of their day. Love the outdoor portraits of the ladys especially 🙂

  7. Hattie Dunstan says:

    i love all her statement necklaces on her bridesmaids!

  8. Kelly Bucklen says:

    Beautiful! Love the portraits

  9. Misty Adams Christensen says:

    What a beautiful wedding!! 🙂

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