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June 12, 2016

One of my big dreams for 2016 was to begin to submit my work for publication…and get published on some wedding blogs! I am so excited to say that has happened!! The first to be published was Laura and Craig’s beautiful fall wedding on Wedding Wire‘s real weddings!

Laura and Craig’s day was one of our favorites last year.  They are a beautiful couple, surrounded by SO much love.  We absolutely adored how close knit their friends and family are.  They shared beautiful moments with their parents during the ceremony, and I remember being particularly taken by the sweetness of Laura’s dad during his toast.  He was absolutely beaming with love for his daughter and it was so touching.  Beyond all of the love shared between them and their closest friends and family, their day was just absolutely gorgeous. It was a perfect fall wedding with neutral dresses and stunning flowers that I loved!  And the reception seating was done so neatly- there was a mix of table types, but many of them being square, and I though it was such a fun twist on traditional!

loved this wedding day, and am excited to share a few favorites again here!  Click here to see the full feature!!

Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0004Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0119Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0025Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0027Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0031Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0030Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0042Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0045Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0052Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0060Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0081Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0118Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0094Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0105

Downtown Springfield Fall Wedding_0095

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