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AND THE WINNER IS… Photography Education Seat Giveaway

After running the first JGP workshop in March (read about it here!), the year took off with weddings and mentoring and busy season, but if you haven’t heard yet, I am so excited that we have set a date for the next one!  If you want to read more about my philosophy on teaching photography and the various options, my new Education Page on my website has lots of info! ????

I have a desire to see people using their cameras in a way that creates beautiful memories that touch their hearts and bring back the full emotions of a moment years later.   So many people buy nice dSLR cameras, but never gain enough control over what they are doing in their camera or what they are photographing to really make great use of it.  The pictures they are taking with that nice camera don’t quite match up to what they see in real life.  If this resonates with you- if you are a mother wanting to take better pictures of your kids that really capture them as they are or at special events, or an aunt wanting pictures that fully tell the story of her nephew at age 3, or a person who has a camera and really wants to take a meaningful record of their life to remember, this workshop is for you!

What you will learn:

How to use your camera (and what in the world all those buttons are for!) ????

Shooting in full manual mode

Choosing the right settings in various lighting situations

How to use shutter speed, aperture, and ISO

Introduction to white balance

How to focus

Ideal Camera settings

This workshop will include a two hours of learning followed by a session to practice our new techniques, during which I will spend time with each attendee to go over their pictures.  After we photograph, we will head in to take a quick peek at those images to discuss what we have learned and the changes that have been made, and where to go when the workshop is over to make sure you have the tools to continue improving.

T H E    D E T A I L S

DATE: Sunday, February 5th

TIME: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

LOCATION: Jill’s home

TOPICS:  Learning how to use your camera in Manual Mode and gain control of your photography!

Live shoot included (and of course, snacks!).

INVESTMENT: $195.  Early bird special: $175 if registered by 10/10

Workshop seats are highly limited to provide adequate attention to each attendee, and are the seats are half gone at this point!

C L A I M   Y O U R    S E A T    H E R E !

All you need is yourself, a dSLR camera, a lens, and a desire to learn.  Those with a digital camera only would definitely still benefit and are welcome (you just may not be able to see all of the growth due to limitations of digital cameras).

And now, the news many are likely waiting for…the GIVEAWAY WINNER!  If you saw those posts, you saw that I offered a giveaway for a seat in the workshop- and the winner has been chosen (by a random internet generator) and I am excited to say that the winner is…drum roll please…


I am thrilled to announce that you are the winner Kelly!!  Touch base with me and we will get you all signed up!

I am so hopeful that many of the amazing people who participated in the giveaway will join us at the workshop- the early bird special is only good through early next week, and only half the seats are left already!


Central Illinois High School Senior Photographer_0087

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As a past high school teacher, I have a major heart for education. After going full time in my business, I have built a business I love that gives me an almost 6 figure salary and allows me to be home part time with my kids.  I dream for you to run a business that enhances your life and lights you up, and I believe I can help you learn how to do it with a little hustle and a lot of heart!

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You're in the right place!  As a past high school teacher, educating others is my life's work and a HUGE part of my business!  I have been teaching moms and hobbyists how to use their camera from first purchasing it all the way to coaching them into businesses of their own, and I'd love to help you as well, wherever you are (and whatever camera you have!).

I'm so glad you are here!  Teaching Photographers and other small business owners how to run more joyful, successful, and profitable businesses is one of my favorite parts of my business!  I specialize in working with photographers to make their goals a reality (or figure out what their goals should be in the first place!).  

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