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I‘m just gonna go ahead and admit this right now…this is going to be an overshare.  There was nothing that wasn’t amazing about this session.  The light, the outfits, the locations…and most importantly, the couple.  Sarah and James. I am going to start with Sarah…because she is one of mine.  You read about them occasionally here…these now-adults who were at one point kids or teenagers in my classroom.  And Sarah…Sarah is so special.  You see, when I began teaching, Sarah was a junior, and I didn’t know her much that year.  But her senior year, she took a chance on me and joined choir, with the voice of an absolute angel.  Natural talent at it’s best, she had no clue where all that year would take her in choir, but it took her far.  I am going to share something here that I hope she forgives me for 😉 because it is SO extra special to me in comparison to her last outfit of this session.  This is Sarah in 2009.


Sarah was my Glinda in Wizard of Oz.  And one of my favorite types of stars in a show- the type who had never done anything, and came in and swooped up a lead that year.  There were a lot of those sorts of stars in this show (and take a peek at the scare crow because his engagement session is coming soon- I can’t even STAND it!).  And Sarah and her parents made all my pageantry dreams come true that year with her gorgeous bubble and costume. Sarah was the perfect Glinda.  Girly, feminine, kind, sweet, and bubbly.  That is who Sarah was.  And is.  Sarah has gone through a lot in life, and had a huge health scare recently and knows such joy and freedom in her life because of it.  She lives each day to the fullest, and has this perfect love in James.  I LOVED seeing them together, and knowing how well this sweet student of mine is being loved, and will be for the rest of their lives.  He just so clearly adores her, all of her, and that is just my dream for each one of them.  I don’t know if those kids of mine know how long and hard I pray for them and their lives…and this is such a beautiful beginning to the next part of Sarah’s story.  Meet Sarah and James!

urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0005 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0006 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0004 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0008 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0007 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0003 I’m completely gaga over this ring!  It is PERFECTION!  Unique and beautiful, like it’s owner.
urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0013 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0001 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0015 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0009 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0002 And THERE is the magic Sarah smile! Love this so much!urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0010 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0011 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0014 Her hair and makeup were PERFECT- Sarah is a hairstylist at Posh Salon and Spa and I HIGHLY recommend her- she shares many of her work on facebook and does such wonderful work! urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0012 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0018urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0021 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0019 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0016urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0017 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0020 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0024 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0028 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0022 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0023 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0029 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0026 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0025 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0030 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0027 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0033 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0034 I don’t even know, I just love all of these so much!urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0036 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0032 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0035 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0037 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0038 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0039 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0041 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0031 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0040 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0042 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0043 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0044 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0045 And then this light!urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0046 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0047 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0048 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0049 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0052 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0050 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0051 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0053 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0057 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0054 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0058 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0055 urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0059 Sarah, your shoulder tattoo says “Love without fear with every heartbeat.”.  I see it in you two, so clearly. Don’t ever stop loving each other like that… It is so beautiful! I am so happy for you two, and can’t WAIT for your wedding next year!! Hope you love these favorites- full gallery coming soon!urban-springfield-sunset-engagement-session_0056

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  1. Candi says:

    Oh wow!! Love these!!

  2. Holly says:

    What an adorable couple! I love everything about this session. The outfits, the locations, the lighting and gah, that ring though!! Amazing!!!

  3. Brenda Yeager says:

    I’ve watched Sarah grow into the gorgeous talented young woman that she is and can’t express in words how amazing these pictures are and hope they have a lifetime filled with much love, respect, kindness, joyous happiness!
    Kristina’s Momm & Everett’s Grama

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