November 15, 2016


The church was packed.  I don’t mean full like most of the pews had people in them…I mean full like there were extra rows of chairs to the very back wall of the church, with every single possible seat full, and a couple standing in the back.  Squished together, and happy for it because of what was to come.  Happy for it because everyone was there for one reason: to support Morgan and Nathan.  Morgan, who they had watched grow up from a little girl twirling in dresses to a beautiful woman using her life to help others.  Nathan, who has always been a friend to everyone he meets, kind and interested in other’s lives.  People who have only known them together, including a friend from London that they had only met one time but found them important enough to travel so far for.  These two found each other in a word of possibilities, and there was no wonder if they would ever be apart again, and the small church was packed with people who believe in their future.

This was our last of 19 weddings in 2016.  19 is more than we ever dreamed of taking on in a year, but we wouldn’t change a thing (and will do a few more than that next year). And this was the way to end the season for sure!  You already know from that very first picture- but this wedding spoke to my style and heart so much! There was just so much blush and navy and vintage and lace beauty.

But Morgan and Nathan stole my heart long before their beautiful wedding day, styled absolutely perfectly. Even before Morgan was a bridesmaid in another favorite wedding of the year a few weeks ago. They stole my heart in the first moments I met them, at one of my all time favorite engagement sessions out on our farm.  They are beautiful together in every single way.  And every single person in that church knows it.  I loved this day, and I love this couple!

morgannathan-day-of-slideshow_0133vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0032 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0037 This Casablanca dress is one of my all time favorites!vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0033 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0038 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0029 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0039 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0035 This is Morgan’s grandmother’s ring on the right that she wears regularly, and wore on her wedding day.vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0030 The classy way to do a bridesmaids gift koozie!! Loved it! vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0034 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0036 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0040 Morgan got dressed with only her mother in the room, something I have seen a few times lately that forces me to hold back tears each time. It is such a special moment!vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0041 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0043 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0042 And this…I will be blogging about this moment soon.  Takes my breath away! vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0045 They had never seen her dress.vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0044 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0047 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0046 Moment with dad…vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0052 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0053 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0048 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0049 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0050 Looking good Nate!!!vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0051 The darling flower girl followed too close behind her mama to be caught in action, but here was her counterpart- and you will find her soon enough!vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0054 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0055 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0056 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0057 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0058 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0060 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0059 Lots of sweet emotion during their self written vows.vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0062 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0063 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0064 Married!vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0065 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0066 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0067 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0071 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0068 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0073 It just does not get any more lovely than this!!vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0069 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0070 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0072 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0076 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0080 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0074 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0081 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0078 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0082 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0077 New favorite bridal party shot!!vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0083 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0084 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0086 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0079 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0085 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0087 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0088 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0090 Loved shooting at this vineyard where these two met…because after all, Michael and I got married at one!vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0091 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0089 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0092 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0093 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0075 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0095 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0094 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0096 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0103 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0102 Cue the confetti!!! Love everything about this!vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0098 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0104 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0100 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0097 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0105 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0099 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0101 Michael’s shot here, and I love it!!  Sisters and best friends.vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0106 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0108 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0110 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0112 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0113 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0107 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0109 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0114 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0115 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0116 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0117 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0118 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0121 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0122 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0123 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0124 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0125 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0126 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0127 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0128 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0129 I have to take a moment to talk about this, because this picture means so much to me. I am surrounded by 3 of the most lovely people inside and out.  Becca on the left was a bride of mine from just a few weeks ago, who found me through a friend who’s wedding I shot last year (who found me from a wedding she was a bridesmaid in that I photographed the year before!).  Morgan, our bride, found me through Becca, and Melissa on the far right is getting married next year and found me through Morgan. These 3 beauties represent so much to me and I am so grateful for each of them!!!vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0132 vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0131 Morgan and Nathan, thank you so much for trusting me to capture your day. It was absolutely a dream, and I hope you love these favorites!  I adore you guys and know a BEAUTIFUL marriage is to follow this beautiful day!!vintage-fall-blusy-navy-and-cream-wedding_0130

To see Morgan & Nathan’s farmland engagement session, click here!!

I adored this vintage fall wedding and Morgan & Nathan’s amazing creative team!!

Ceremony location: Zion United Church of Christ

Reception Venue & Coordinator: Patty Tierstrip at The Ambiance

Videographer: Rocket Berry Video + Photo

Wedding Dress Boutique & Headpiece: Sarah’s Bridal Gallery

Wedding Dress Designer: Casablanca Bridal

Hair: Kristopher’s Hair Studio

Flowers: Lavish Floral Design

Caterer: HyVee Catering

Cake: Krazy Cakes Cafe & Bakery

Invitations: Simply Sara

Decor Rental: Something Borrowed


  1. Jill!!! You knocked this out of the ballpark!!! Great captures!

  2. Mindy says:

    What a beautiful wedding. Oh and all that sun dripped light, just lovely. They are so sweet for eachother.

  3. Emily says:

    the light, her dress, the colors, I love it!

  4. Misty says:

    Oh My GOSH!!!!! You nailed this one girl! And absolutely stunning day!!! Those paper goods, oh man. I can’t….

  5. I love her cameo ring!!! This whole wedding is gorgeous!

  6. Candi says:

    This is a stunning wedding!!!

  7. Jesi says:

    Wow!! Just…Wow!!!

  8. Joanna M says:

    Love the details and colours!

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