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MARRIAGE MONDAYS: A NOTE FROM MY HUSBAND When my Michael says "yes" to guest blog!

Hi, all.  This is “my Michael” coming to you from the end of Jill’s birthday weekend.  Let me tell you something about my Jill… she is a firm believer in birthday weeks.  Or, maybe birthday months?  When we first started dating, I did my best to comply with the birthday week philosophy – birthday meals all week, extra pampering, desserts, etc.  Over the years, though, I’ve grown weary.  I blame the kids.  Or my age.  Or both.

This year, I failed in numerous ways… no week-long celebration, no birthday card, no birthday cards from the kids, birthday present not wrapped, no (insert any number of things here)…  pretty much a birthday failure this year!  Luckily for me, we hosted one of Jill’s life-long friends and her wonderful family this weekend.   I’m pretty sure that helped distract her from my shortcomings!  Now, I can’t be the only guy out there who struggles to get life together for appropriate birthday pampering… surely, right?  So, I’ve come up for some tips for the guys on how to save and make the best of a poorly planned birthday celebration:

  1. Make her a cake. Or, make her whatever dessert she craves.  For Jill, it usually is bread pudding.  This year, though, she wanted a ‘better than an A+’ cake.  If you’re wondering, a good recipe for it can be found here.  (yes, we change the name to keep it A-rated for the kids!)
  1. Have someone else make her a dessert, too! My mother is an amazing cook whose pies are yuuuuummmmmyyyyy!  Jill is actually a pie person more than a cake person, so when Mom asks what Jill wants for her birthday the answer is always the same – a homemade fruit pie!
  1. Splurge on the gift. You need to think ahead on this one, guys.  What has she given you hints about?  (or what has she explicitly told you she wants?!)  You know her better than anyone, so find something personal that you know she will love and give her that, too!  For Jill, it was a watch that she has in no uncertain terms been wanting for many months and… well, the personal gift will be revealed (I’m sure) in an Instagram post later this spring!
  1. Make her dinner. So this one doesn’t really count for me since I make her dinner pretty much every night…(I’m sure you know, but cooking is not her strong suit)!  But, on her birthday, get a special request and make it a special meal.  It’s not so romantic, but this year she asked for taco salad and we ate it on the couch watching the ending of Finding Dory… after six plus years of marriage and two kids, eating a meal while watching tv is a special treat!
  1. Show her you love her, tell her you love her, and mean it by giving even more than you normally do. We’re all busy, we’re all tired at the end of a long day, but more than any time her birthday is a time to show her, and tell her, how much she means to you.  Do the dishes.  Do the laundry.  Change the stinkiest of stinky diapers. Write a guest blog post for her.  Do this because, even though you may not plan a full birthday week like you used to, she is still your one.

Note from Jill: I do believe in birthday months weeks. Because I love birthdays, and am so glad you were born! But I believe in them for you too, not just me! ???? And lastly- how lucky am I for this man?! Immeasurably.

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  1. Candi says:

    Oh this post is so sweet!!! Great tips too!

  2. We LOVE “Better than A+ Cake”! We’re going to have to start calling it that so later we don’t have to explain what BTS cake means. Because sooner or later one of them will ask what the letters stand for. “Uh…behind the scenes cake!” 😉

  3. Oh I love this . . . and bread pudding, and better than ___ cake, and taco salad. Great post! Can you send this to my hubby? I can send you his email, FB page, cell phone number, etc. Hahaha!

  4. Jesi says:

    So cute! Happy Birthday!!

  5. Great tips, Michael!!

  6. So sweet Michael!! Happy birthday Jill!

  7. Misty says:

    HAHAHA! That cake! I’ve had one with that name before and it was pretty dang tasty! Love this post!

  8. Stefani says:

    Haha! This is totally adorable!

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