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MARRIAGE MONDAYS : ABOUT CARS And what love's got to do with it

These Marriage Mondays posts have quickly become some of my favorite to write.  We have a lot of story and a lot we have learned from our 6 married years, and while we have our real share of struggles, we also just operate pretty darn well together, and it is very fun to share stories from both of those sides! We are so passionate about marriage, and it is definitely one of the “whys” to my business.  We believe in marriage.  Throughout the planning process, we pray that our couples are focusing on their marriage as much as their wedding. On being husband and wife as much as bride and groom.  As the months turn to years, and eventually decades together, we want our couples to be able to look at their images and instantly remember how they felt the day they chose forever.  And we want that feeling to remind them, in even the most difficult moments, that their choice is worth fighting for.

So we like to share. In hopes that this marriage series might help even one engaged, newlywed, or celebrating their 20 year anniversary couple in any way.

So what do cars have to do with serving your spouse?

Well, today, I am sharing about a couple of the small things. You know, the hundreds of tiny things that happen over and over again to tell each other that we love each other (even when we don’t show it as well as we should).  I think one key to staying connected is to continue to find those little ways to serve (or “out-love”, as I shared in my first post) your spouse. And one way it happens here is all about cars.  Maybe they are little gestures you can incorporate as well. 

1). Gas. I just hate filling up the cars with gas. I am one of those people who drives all the way past the low gas light, always deciding I will just take care of it (or have more time!) the next day. Michael always fills the car I primarily drive up with gas when he get a chance. If he takes it one day, or even runs a quick errand in the evening, he always makes sure it is full– because he knows I don’t love that task. And visa versa? When I take his, more often for photo shoots/etc and notice it is low? Even though I never like to stop and fill mine unless I have to, I always fill his. He serves me by taking care of mine whenever he can because he knows I don’t like it, and I serve him by taking care of his whenever it is needed even though I don’t like it. It’s small- but every time I get in my car expecting to have to fill it up and it is taken care of? I smile, and am reminded of how much he loves me.

2). Did you know that all car wipers are not created equal?! I like my windshield to be clean ALL the time (and am an excessive wiper fluid user because of it- Michael is so forgiving even when I run it while he drives!), but truly never knew that there was anything else really that could be done. But the Gums seem to know. Different cleaning items that can get rid of the haze, wiper fluid that makes the water bead right off, and replacement wipers that work so much better as the other ones wear out. You can just buy new ones- right at the Walmart (or anywhere else?!)- there is a book with them and you just look up your car model number, and purchase the corresponding set! It’s crazy! Anyways- new wipers and a refill on fluid. We drive a lot, and it is a small thing that makes that activity so much more pleasant! And it is something Michael often takes care of for me (they are relatively easy to replace too).  You must check it out, friends! 🙂

3). Car cleaning/tidying. No one likes this job, even if you are a clean person (in my opinion). But we both do our part- much more often with the other person’s car, to try to make it a little easier on them. This most often includes straw wrapper/etc clean out and toy tidying- but it is such a nice helpful small thing to show we are thinking about the other!

Friends, if there is one thing I have learned in marriage…it is that the little things are the big things.   Small gestures each day can go a long way in showing your respect and love.  Go out-love your spouse today (and cheer for us as we try to do the same!)!

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  1. What a great hubby you have!

  2. Cinnamon says:

    In NJ people fill your car up with gas for you. It’s my favorite thing ever and I’m going to miss it so much when we move away. I love not having to get out of the car!!

  3. Liz says:

    Great advice!

  4. Love all these sweet “little things” tips – they definitely make the biggest impact in a marriage!

  5. Love this post! My husband does all of these things, too. He’s a big into regular car maintenance 😉 the little things really are the big things in marriage!

  6. Joanna Moss says:

    Nice tip. My hubby takes care of the car things around here. 🙂

  7. Misty says:

    I love this post! And i’m with you on the clean windshield thing!

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