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FINDING GREAT LIGHT IN EVERY SCENARIO Ask Anything | Photographer Education

Where are all my fellow photographers at?! This video is definitely for you!! Finding great lighting is SUCH an important topic in the photography industry and is something that will immediately change the look of your photos. After teaching dozens of photographers during coaching sessions and in-person workshops, I’ve realized that lighting is such a tricky topic, so I am sharing my best top for shooting in a type of light all photographers look for outside: SHADE!  We have all heard that direct sunlight is unideal and looking for shade is great…but what if the light you find in shade is just bad, and what makes it bad?  Watch the video to find out!

Whether you are a professional photographer, a hobbyist, or even a new mom wanting to take better pictures of her babies (that’s how I started!!), this video is for YOU!!!

In this video, I will walk through:

  • The biggest key to shooting on shade
  • How to leverage shade to give you great light
  • How to notice the difference between good shade and bad shade

I hope it is super helpful for you!

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I'm Jill, a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Chicago and Central Illinois, and available world wide! I'm also a photography educator, wife to my favorite person on the planet, mama to 3 amazing kids and an energetic Aussie, and obsessed with statement jewelry and all desserts (especially fruit pies!). 

As a past high school teacher, I have a major heart for education. After going full time in my business, I have built a business I love that gives me an almost 6 figure salary and allows me to be home part time with my kids.  I dream for you to run a business that enhances your life and lights you up, and I believe I can help you learn how to do it with a little hustle and a lot of heart!

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You're in the right place!  As a past high school teacher, educating others is my life's work and a HUGE part of my business!  I have been teaching moms and hobbyists how to use their camera from first purchasing it all the way to coaching them into businesses of their own, and I'd love to help you as well, wherever you are (and whatever camera you have!).

I'm so glad you are here!  Teaching Photographers and other small business owners how to run more joyful, successful, and profitable businesses is one of my favorite parts of my business!  I specialize in working with photographers to make their goals a reality (or figure out what their goals should be in the first place!).  

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