July 13, 2018

I‘m not sure I have ever met a little guy who started his session with more excitement and snuggles!  I haven’t seen this sweet little man since his newborn session and yet the moment he saw me, he was interested in being scooped up in my arms and giving the camera an adorable performance…I just loved it.  Sweet Gibson is just the most handsome little guy with his fabulous hair and adorable 1 year old fashion, and I LOVED seeing him interact with his sweet parents.  Sara and Jeremy honestly make it look so easy (though I know it doesn’t always feel like that!) and just love on their little guy so well.  He is clearly the center of their world and it is beautiful to watch!  Gibson was tired by cake time, but got in a few great handfuls before calling it quits, and I just loved how he wanted to eat his cake in many locations instead of just 1! I think they have a future performer in him (which would not surprise anyone who knows his parents!), and I can’t wait to see him grow up! Here are a few of my favorites (full gallery coming so soon, Sara and Jeremy!)!


See sweet Gibson’s newborn session here!


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