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December 3, 2018

Oh my goodness I am SO excited to be sharing this beautiful Chicago Engagement Session!! As you may have seen last week, we photographed two back to back when we were in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, and this one was SO fun for us because it involved some really typically Chicago locations and LOTS of skyline views– both of which I just love!

We were so excited to meet up with Alyssa and Sean.  We hadn’t met either of them before, which makes for quite a bit of excitement when trying to chat and get to know each other over the hum of the city, but we loved it. Alyssa and Sean are very calm and natural together, almost in a complete juxtaposition to the hustle and busy of the city.  It is like time and hurry just stops with them, which is pretty sure how they feel when they’re together.  While they fit very well in the big city life, they told us of other dreams for their far away future and it seemed like those fit them too.  That is what we enjoyed about them so much- they are just 2 people who seem like they could be anywhere and do anything…as long as they were together.  And those are my sort of people!  I can’t wait to share these images with you- they are so lovely together.

We found such pretty peeks of fall in the city! Favorite! Alyssa is such a NATURAL in front of the camera!! I am OBSESSED with this location…in the middle of the city!

Full gallery coming SOON! Can’t wait for your 2019 wedding, Alyssa+Sean!


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