December 12, 2018

I wanted to pop back in today after yesterday’s new class pre-launch with some questions about this Membership, how it works, and who it applies to that I think might come up to try to answer anything you might want to know ahead of time!  Click here if you need all the details about the Membership!!

Q: The Jill Gum Photo U says it’s a “membership program”. What does that mean?
A: Instead of the content ALL being rolled out at once (and feeling rather difficult to get through because hours and hours of content is REALLY intimidating!), the content will be rolled out one month at a time (by the 5th of the month) starting March 1st!  This way, students can learn about one specific concept and spend the month putting it into practice (while asking questions to other classmates and me in the exclusive FB group and also at a LIVE online q+a session I will do each month on the topic!).  Then, they can move on and learn about a new topic once they have a good handle on the previous content!  From a teacher perspective, It is the ideal model for learning content like this!

Q: Is this course for people who want to start a BUSINESS or for people who just love photographing?
A: This class could be for both (including those who already have a business!).  We will not be covering specific business topics (like running a business, marketing, etc) but ALL of the topics covered are topics that photographers with a business would want to learn about and have a lot of skills in!  It is definitely geared for the hobbyist/someone who just loves taking pictures as well since we won’t be covering business-specific topics! We will be covering topics all related to actually using your camera to take great pictures!

Q: Do I have access to the content forever?
A: For as long as you are enrolled as an active student in the Jill Gum Photo University, you can watch, rewatch, and rewatch again every month’s content any time you want.

Q: What if I can’t invest in the full year now? Will there be another option?
A: There will!  When the Photo U officially launches in January, there will be an option to pay monthly instead of annually…but it will be a little more expensive. The Christmas Pre-Launch Special is the BEST deal that will ever be released for the Photo U!  One of the great parts about membership based learning though is that if you do have to wait, and can only join monthly, you can pay by the month for whichever months you want to have! And if you miss one you just really wish you had been a part of, they will be available for purchase separately.

Q: What exactly will be covered as topics in the course?
A: One of the amazing things about a membership model like this is that the topics can adjust a bit to reflect the needs of the students!  Right now, I have 24 full months of content planned out all around lighting, composition, style, editing, story telling, camera settings, etc.  But as we go through, I will be learning from my students what they need review, extra help, or more details on and the content can adjust as we go.  Each month will be focused on a specific topic though, and while we will reference topics learned in previous months content, they will also each be standalone months for students choose a month by month subscription (which will be available in 2019 at a  higher price) who come and go monthly.

Q: What will I get/see each month?
A: Students will be a part of a membership site where they will view the content each month.  Each month’s content will consist of a 30-60 minute video (either with me photographing and talking to the camera about what I’m doing, photographing while I’m working with clients, or teaching in my office/from my computer depending on what the topic calls for), a supplemental PDF or worksheet to go along with the video, and an online live Q+A (with replay after, because again, I understand #reallife!) with student questions.

Q: I have never used my camera before and am a total beginner– is this membership for me, or is it for my friend who has used her camera for years on Manual?
A: This membership is for you BOTH!  We will start super basic– but it will very quickly turn into content that could improve any photographer wherever they are in their journey.  As for the early content, I never mind a review of the basics or seeing what settings and preferences another photographer has!

Q: I still have a question– how do I ask?
A: Email jill@jillgum.com and we will get back to you asap!

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