December 10, 2018

Well…I didn’t initially anticipate two MAJOR launches in the time span of a couple of weeks.  But after getting request after request for my first Workshop date for 2019 as Christmas presents…we have decided to move with a huge opportunity for 2019!! We typically run 3-4 in person workshops a year, mainly focusing on teaching moms/other hobbyists how to photograph in Manual with the cameras.  They are always full, and I am asked about them every month we don’t have them.   We have taught over 100 people this content over the last couple of years, and I can see in the exclusive facebook group for these students how MUCH impact it has had on their photography, and their ability to capture the memories and experiences of their families.  It makes my heart swell every time!  Here are just a couple before and after photo from my students!!

What has been hard has been being asked by so many people who can’t attend those dates, or don’t live close to me about other opportunities for learning this content because I just did not have an option for that. In addition, as a teacher, I fully believe that it takes more than one interaction with any content to REALLY master it– and saw that come into play big time at the last workshop I held this past summer.  There was an opportunity for us to host somewhere that could take many more than my usual 12 participants, so I welcomed past students to join for a “booster” course, and saw SUCH A DIFFERENCE for those who were hearing the content for the second time– which I completely know from my time in the classroom!

All of this together has had us working for the past few months on a way to meet these struggle points for our potential students…and it’s time to share!


The Jill Gum Photo University is an opportunity to take a journey with me that isn’t just one afternoon with further support in an online group.  It is a membership program where we will cover new topics related to your photography each month of the year (starting with Shooting in Manual!) and learn together how to truly get the type of images you dream of!  To truly capture your life as you live it.  

Each month will focus on a specific topic related to your photography.  We will cover:

  • Shooting in manually (including camera settings, focus, white balance, and so much more)
  • How to shoot in all types of outdoor light (shade, bright sunlight, daytime, evening, sunset, etc)
  • Shooting indoors
  • How to achieve beautiful composition
  • What to look for within your editing software to edit your images (and how I edit mine!)
  • How to tell the story- make your pictures look like the moment feels!
  • Online Photo organization and management
  • Posing and guiding your subjects to catch the real moments
  • So much more bit by bit each month.

In learning about these topics each month, you will gain a much fuller understanding each of these topics, and how they work together to make up each photo you take.  We will cover the easy situations, the hard situations, and everything in between.  The course will be delivered 100% online, and each month will include a 30-60 minute video mini-course, a PDF or worksheet to go along with the video, and a Live Online Q+A session with me in the exclusive Facebook Community (where you can have access to me throughout the month for guidance!).  Some months will include me photographing and showing you topics as I shoot, some will include me teaching from my office, and some will include me working live with clients and showing you how I use all the topics we are learning about to get my images.

This is class is for the busy mom, student, or hobbyist who doesn’t have the TIME to commit hours and hours in one setting to learn how to use their camera.  Learn on your schedule, in your ideal timeframe, and watch again and again for the price of just a couple of coffee drinks a month.  Instead of just ONE afternoon learning this same content I taught in my workshop…it begins with that content and then includes 11 other months of so much content that I DREAMED to teach in the workshop and just could not even begin to fit in!  Photographing your life and kids well isn’t JUST about the camera settings…it’s about all the other choices you make too, and we will cover them all!

Class begins on March 1, but pre-launch enrollment opens today!  Students will be enrolled in a membership site where they will access the monthly content (released by the 5th of each month after).

You might be wondering how much it would cost to get online education, on your own time, delivered to you monthly to help you take your photos from this (from one of my sweet students):


It will cost the same amount it costs to get a couple fancy Starbucks drinks a month.  For the Christmas Pre-Launch Sale, open NOW (paid annually), the Jill Gum Photo University will cost only $19/month!!!  This is the same price that just ONE AFTERNOON WORKSHOP was in the past…and now you get that content plus ELEVEN other months of learning about all the topics I couldn’t cover in just one afternoon!  After the pre-launch sale, the price will be $24/month, so this sale is a $60 discount for the year off the regular price!


I’m just so excited about this because I have just been searching and searching for a way to help those who couldn’t join me in person and wanted to dig deeper…and it’s here!!!  A lot more info will be available in 2019 leading up to the official launch, but the Christmas Pre-Launch Sale is only available until December 24th!  After that, the price will raise for the initial launch.

This class is for the mom, camera enthusiast, grandparent, or nature lover who wants to learn to photograph better!  We will cover a lot of topics related to photographing your kids, but also so much more for those who fit into another category.  It is REAL education for REAL life, where you don’t have time to sit in a physical space for hours on end, or watch a hugely long course within a specific time span. You can watch it on your own time, when you can, and rewatch as you need for review throughout the month!  It is education for any level and any type of photographer who wants to improve their photography…whether you are using your cell phone, a point and shoot camera, or a DSLR! It is for you!

And it is the prefect Christmas gift for a loved one or yourself!  Give your family the gift of beautifully captured memories this year– this class will do that for you!  Click HERE to learn more about the membership, but also feel free to shoot me an email at jill@jillgum.com in the mean time with any questions you might have.  You can also click HERE to see testimonials from past students who learned this same content!!!


Here are a few more before/after shots of my students who have learned just a fraction of the content that will be taught in Jill Gum Photo U!  Many of these befores and afters are of the SAME subject…just after my students learned how to use their cameras!!  I’m SO PROUD of them!!!

Do you want these results too?? You can photograph like this for just $19/month (billed annually)!



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