April 2, 2019

I‘m PRETTY excited to share this session!  Not only because I taught and directed this bride (I never had the pleasure of having the groom in my classroom!) and have known her for over ten years as a result and always adored her, but also because it involved SUCH a unique and fun location and my dream light!  You see, even though Dana and Tim went to high school together, they didn’t become friends until quite a bit after…when they met at the gym!  They ran into each other and things rather quickly became serious once Tim gained the courage to ask Dana out 🙂 My favorite part about this story?  They just knew.  As Dana told me, she knew on their very first date that she would marry him, and they didn’t waste much time making that decision together.  They just knew.  They have chosen each other, and they are so lovely together.  Dana and Tim are a perfect mix of fun, serious, goofy, tough (as you will see!), and playful.  They just have it all together, and I could not be happier for them!

The gym is a big part of their social circle and time together– so of course, we started there!  I love these photos and how they tell a story of these two together.  Dana was an AMAZING dancer in my musical program so this part of her life doesn’t surprise me at all!

Um Dana? This photo on the right is amazing! 9/14/19 is the date!! But then would you imagine those photos of that tough and impressive couple would turn into THIS?! These two clean up brilliantly as well, of course! I could not love these all more! Dana you are so gorgeous! Favorite on the left! love Dana’s ring!! Nice pick, Tim!! 🙂 Another favorite on the left here! This light is just so good.  These two do casual, work out, dressy, everything… so well! Dana and Tim, your full gallery is coming soon! I can’t WAIT for your wedding!


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