March 29, 2019

This session was definitely a new favorite newborn session!  As much as I love weddings, there is nothing like photographing a newborn baby with their family in their home…it absolutely makes my heart sing.  I loved meeting this family.  I made friends with big brother right away and he was so friendly and welcoming, but even more, I just loved watching these 4 interact together.  Anna and Keith are just so so good with their boys, so loving and playful and they just so clearly all enjoy each other.  After some full family photos, Keith took Parker outside to play while Anna and I enjoyed time with sweet baby Carter, and it was just so smooth.  These 4 make it look easy though I know it isn’t always!

I have to talk about baby Carter for a moment too.  Not only is he darling, but I truly think he was the easiest baby I have ever photographed.  Until the very end when he just wasn’t so sleepy anymore, he was just so willing to be moved around and changed and just went right back to sleep if he ever woke up!  He made it so easy on me- and I hope he does the same with his parents in the middle of the night!  This was just such a sweet family that I am so thrilled to welcome into the Jill Gum Photography family! 🙂  Here are some of my MANY favorites!!

These sweet brothers!!! Anna, you are such a beautiful mama!! Just the hint of a smile! Both her boys wrapped up in her arms! The baseball is for dad! 🙂 Full gallery coming soon, Anna and Keith!  Thank you so much for allowing me this beautiful view into your lovely family!! It was such an honor!

If you are expecting a newborn this year, I am taking TWICE the newborn sessions I did last year!! Email me HERE for all the details!

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