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June 7, 2019

These photos make me feel a little giddy like Christmas morning…because it just turned out to be such a perfect session! I am not sure I have EVER shot in a more buggy environment (and I have shot in some SERIOUS bugs before), and it was quite warm…but everything just aligned, and I got some of the prettiest light I have photographed in in a long time at this session!  We went to some new spots I don’t usually use, and I just fell in love with every bit of it– and with Corinne and Chris and their darling pup Chance– while exploring!

Corinne and Chris are just genuinely kind, sweet, easy to talk to sort of people.  They are the type of people that you feel like you have known for years within a few minutes.  They are sweet and caring together, but also fun and just easy to be around.  Nothing seems difficult or forced or tricky to manage when you are in their presence.  They put everyone around them at ease and I just have to say that they are my kind of people!  Their feet could be under water, or there could be bugs in her hair, or whatever–and they are just happy to be together!  I think that is a part of why I have so many favorites for this session- they made it look effortless (like they seem to life in general!) on a night when it wasn’t necessarily easy to be outdoors!  Meet Corinne and Chris!

Looking totally amazing, just a few photos in! This is a new location for me to shoot at and I’m IN LOVE with it!  It was perfect! I LOVED sweet Chance– he was so darling! Corinne and Chris, I cannot WAIT for your wedding day!! I just adore you two! Full gallery coming soon!


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