June 27, 2019

Honestly, I’ve been staring at my blinking cursor for a bit here because I just have so much to say and I’m not really sure how to say it all about this session!  I am sharing Casey, one of my absolute best friends in the world, and her fiance Kevin (whom I also adore) and their engagement pictures, and I am so happy to be sharing them!  Casey has been dear to me for 11 years, and through the biggest 11 years of my life.  She was my first friend at my first teaching job, and a huge part of what made Riverton feel like home to me, of why I stayed past that year even though I was hundreds of miles from the place I had previously known of as home and my family, and therefore why Michael and I got together and created our family.  I am 100% positive that without her friendship and without the enormous amount of fun we had working together, I would not have stayed past year 1 just because I was so far from home…and my life would look so completely different (to say the very least).

My friendship with Casey has always been easy and was instant– I felt like I knew her so well instantly. She and Kevin BOTH are pretty much magnetic…once you know them, you love them.  I met Kevin just a year after I met Casey in a local show, but the magic in this story? Casey and Kevin didn’t really meet until around 1.5 years ago (and how we all wish it would have been sooner!).  But they pretty instantly knew that they were going to spend their lives together (and that story is familiar to me as well, as it’s mine and Michael’s experience).

It’s not my story to share all the details of, and I know a lot more of it than I typically do of my #jillgumcouples.  But Casey has longed for a man like Kevin, who shares her interests and passions and takes care of her and makes her laugh and is just a GREAT guy, who she could build a family with, for a long time.  And they met in such beautiful circumstances, as Casey was choreographing her first show for a huge community theatre group that Kevin had been involved with for years (the same one I met him through).  Kevin asked her to marry him in an extremely well choreographed (see what I did there?!) evening where her family and friends were there to surprise her at every step with their love and support, and I feel like Kevin does things like that for her ALL the time in many ways.  He just loves her so well, and she him– and I am so thankful and excited for my beautiful beautiful friend.

We had to start in the theatre, since it is why they met in the first place!!!  These aren’t my typical style, and I LOVE THEM…

Casey and Kevin were sure they were going to be so awkward in these photos…how wrong were they?? I love every photo more than the previous! Casey my friend, you are so beautiful!!! This is my new favorite photo spot! Casey, this will not surprise you…but I cried on the car ride home from your session because of my COMPLETE and utter happiness for you.  I LOVE you like a sister, and I am so beyond thrilled that you two have found each other and to get to witness it.  I cannot wait to see the life you two continue to build together!!


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