OUR GUM FARMHOUSE (PART IV) We have walls (and so much more)!!

August 5, 2019

This house building journey has been filled with SO much fun and yet so much pressure all at the same time!  This week, our electricity got turned on…but that’s AFTER all of the walls were hung and patched…and if something hadn’t worked, those walls would have been taken down to fix.  And the plumbing…they ran a pressure test, but we just have to HOPE that once we actually get water in those pipes, they won’t leak!  It is an enormous act of trust that is hard for 2 people who like to be in control!

But WOW it is fun.  We now have drywall hung and mostly ready to be painted, and it REALLY looks like a house.  And, because we will be doing a lot of neutral walls, it looks pretty similar to how it will look long term and we LOVE it!  As I have mentioned, we drew up this plan from scratch so we really had NO way to know how it would feel once we were in it other than the architecht’s drawings (which we made a lot fo changes to)ofClick HERE to see Part I about our home build with starting details!  But it is coming together SO WELL!  We made some sacrifices in having symmetrical windows on the outside to make the floor plan EXACTLY what we want, and I think it was so worth it!  Our home feels bright and open and warm, and we are loving every step.  Siding also has begun this week, and that’s another area where we hOPED what we envisioned would look good…and it really is looking wonderful!

My big job this past week has been working on finalizing paint colors.  With the exception of a few strong opinions (like no pink or purple rooms!), Michael has very few feelings about the paint color so while he has been helpful giving opinions when I need them, it has sort of been my baby within this project.  Like I mentioned before, after our first house being very colorful and our current being a bit more neutral but still not particularly bright, we knew we wanted to go really light and neutral in the living space of our new house.  I am definitely a white and gray vs cream and tan girl, so the search for the perfect gray paint began.  I NEVER knew how many millions of shades of “light gray” there were, but WOW.  And the hardest part is that the majority of our windows face north, which means we will be dealing with very cool light…but we also have some covered west windows, and 2 south windows in the same open space…so determining the right color for a space with so much mixed light was a REAL challenge.  AND these are things that might not matter to someone who doesn’t look at light and color as a part of their career…but for me, it all is a big deal!  So I THINK we finally have it all figured out and I can’t WAIT to share the colors we chose once they are on the wall!!

Our updated end date is mid to late September and while it’s later than I would like, it is so nice to have a semi definite time!!  We cannot WAIT!

Ok I’m ready to share the latest round of pictures- so much has changed!!  Friends, if you have any specific questions about the building process, please comment below and I will cover them in future posts!

My favorite double fireplace view!!!
I shared a lot about this on social media, but we had dreamed for a LONG time about building our own home, and one of the things I knew I wanted to do was write some love into the boards before the walls went up.  Some wishes for our family, a couple little love notes to Michael, and lots of Bible Verses to literally build our house on the most solid foundation.  I took the big kids with me and they added some drawings and fun, and it was such a special and fun part of this process for me! 

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