August 27, 2019

When I think of these two and what I know of them, I think of adventure and fun and friendship and really fully living.  In between when Ellie, Ryne, and I took these photos just 2 weeks ago, they have jumped out of planes!  While I just met Ryne for the first time, I have known Ellie (or at least known of her!) for a long time– she went through school with my beloved niece (who is also getting married in 2020!) and they have been friends for many years, which is how I first came to know Ellie.  She is ALSO a talented photographer, and has joined me for both workshops and a coaching session, and I have loved watching her business and offerings grow over the years!  Ellie has always amazed me a bit.  She is one of those people who is sort of a force of nature…she does many things at once, juggles many hats, and makes it all look pretty easy.

These two met at a firefighting class, and it took Ellie a little while to warm up to the idea of Ryne.  But she told me that on their first date, she never stopped laughing and she knew then that she was in it.  They both volunteer for EMS and local fire fighting agencies in addition to their full time jobs.  They also have 2 lovable dogs and been puppy parents a few times.  They do SO many amazing things together, and life is a fun adventure for them. I absolutely love being swept into just a little bit of it with them here!  Meet Ellie and Ryne!

He makes her laugh so so much… Ryne really doesn’t love getting his picture taken… but he had a champion smile regardless!

Ellie and Ryne, I can’t WAIT for your 2020 wedding!! I know it will be such a beautiful day full of love, friends, and family!!  I adore you two!! Full gallery coming soon!


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