August 29, 2019

You guys…I’m just not sure I have ever photographed a more smiley little 8 month old than this one!  Sweet Joey was happy at his 4 month session too (and that one is often a bit tricky for babies) but he was a total start this time (along with his darling 2 older brothers, BOTH of whom I have photographed since birth!).  Joey totally stole my heart with all his toothy smiles and happiness.  He is just an easy going, happy little guy and it’s so fun to see!  He has completed this gorgeous family so perfectly.  Kate is surrounded by a small army of amazing boys and I love seeing them all together.  You can definitely tell these 3 are brothers even though they all have their own look too, and definitely their own personalities!   They are all 5 and under and they are just growing into such amazing buddies…I can see all the years of fun sprawled out in front of them with their close ages and I absolutely love it.  Here are my favorites from Joey’s 8 month session!!

Favorites! Other favorite! Click HERE to see Joey’s newborn session, and HERE for his 4 month session!

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