August 14, 2019

There are just certain sessions where everything…everything...gels and magic happens.  This was one of those sessions for me!  A beautiful baby girl who slept wonderfully and was so sweet, a gorgeous home with lots of light and beautiful spaces to photograph, and parents who I feel like I could just sit and have a drink with and chat for hours…it was just great!  Molly and Gus welcomed me into their home and had such a calm about their new lives as parents.  As the ones in it it might not feel like it, but it looked like they had the whole thing completely down to an art already!  Parenthood is such a huge adjustment the first time, but I felt like they were handling it with such grace and ease!!

Their sweet baby M was easy going and darling, with so many different facial expressions!! She had such interesting and beautiful features, and I absolutely loved watching her.  And she already mastered a lot of wardrobe changes– she’s prepping for her girly future I think!  While it never changes how much I love a session, Molly and Gus’s aesthetic style was very similar to mine and it just made it so fun to photograph in their space using their backgrounds and things– it reminded me a million times during the session why I love in home newborn sessions so much, and why they are what I choose to photography!  It just makes for such consistent photos that all look so great mixed together!

I can’t wait for you to “meet” beautiful Miss M– she is truly perfect!!  

2 favorites here!Her beautiful long fingers!!Love this little peek in!
Baby M’s nursery was so beautiful and delicate!2 more favorites here!!This little tutu!!! All the heart eyes!And of course, had to grab the FULL family!!! 😍I love a summer newborn session where we can grab just a few photos outside!!Molly and Gus, full gallery coming soon! Thank you so much for trusting me to photograph your beautiful family- can’t wait for next time!


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