October 10, 2019

This couple is one I have been SO excited to photograph for quite a while…because I have known Meredith very peripherally for many many years!  She sang in choirs of mine at our old church where I was the choir director for 2 lovely years, but she was just in high school then, so when she and her mama reached out to me about her wedding photography, I was SO happy!  I always really enjoyed their family, and knew they were such kind and warm people.  Well, photographing Meredith and Matt confirmed everything I was excited about.  They are so genuine and kind, and not only extremely affectionate and sweet with each other but clearly just the sort of people who deeply care about others.  They asked us so many sweet questions about our life and kids and home when we were together and it touched me!  They are just so sweet together, and were complete naturals in front of the camera.  They clearly know each other so well and are really excited to just get to really start their life as a family!

Michael and I got to photograph this session together which we don’t often get to do, and in completely new to us spaces and it really was just SO fun.  We love photographing in new spaces and finding all the best ways to photograph creatively…and there was so much available to us during this session!  We ventured around the riverwalk in Naperville and ended at a gorgeous park area just as some leaves were starting to turn.

I absolutely cannot wait for their wedding next year!! Meet Meredith and Matt!!  We started at the Einstein Bagels where they spent much time, including their first official date!!

Full gallery coming soon, Meredith and Matt!!  We adore you guys and hope you love these!!!!


  1. Jane Blickhan says:

    Outstanding photos of a lovely couple. You sure captured their love for each other.

  2. Brian Wellman says:

    Great pictures

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