October 15, 2019

I admit…this is a challenge to sum into words for me (like usual, I know.  My heart is in this work!).  A couple weeks ago, I got to see a sweet friend of mine as a mama.  She has wanted to be a mama for a long time, and I have seen her brilliance with kids over the years.  She teaches little ones and I just WISH I could be a fly on the wall in her classroom because I’m pretty sure it’s amazing.

But my relationship with this mama started long ago.  Amanda (Mandi to me) was in my first class of graduating seniors, my first year out of college and as a high school choir director.  She was also involved in every choir and extra curricular activity she could be and a teachers aide of mine.  We spent so much time together that year, and she became so so very dear to me.  She was passionate and fiery, she was EXTREMELY talented musically (which has followed her throughout her early adult years as she still participates in theatre), she kept me on my toes, and she changed my teaching career.  I know much of my enjoyment of that year was because of having her in my classroom and on my stage!  She has an absolute heart of gold, and taught me so much that year.

And now…she is sweet Griffin’s mama.  I cannot express how darling and sleepy and perfect little Griffin is, and what a gift it was to see Mandi as a mama in this way.  She is tender and patient and warm and careful, and her complete and all encompassing love just oozes out of her as she talks and loves on Griffin.  He is one lucky little boy!  And this doesn’t even mention Griff’s dad or fur brother, all who will spoil him and love him all the more (though Remi, the pup, isn’t 100% sure about Griffin yet– he will get there though, I know it!)!  He is going to be so very surrounded in his life by people who adore him, and I just can’t wait to see him grow!

I can’t wait anymore to share little Griff!



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