October 25, 2019

When you work in the online world and do a lot of communication through social media and email, there are some people you just connect with before you even meet them.  Clare was one of those people for me!  I could tell from the first communication between us that she is joyful, positive, and juts a light presence to be around.  That she lifts others up.  And that is exactly how I felt around her and her fiance Brian!  They are so kind and warm, and just made time with them so very easy and enjoyable.  And in terms of the photos…WOW!  Clare has maybe the best hair on the planet, and had everything styled SO well and just so very fall!  We didn’t have a ton of fall color yet, but we found little peeks here and there and the outfits made it all work!

Clare and Brian have such a sweet story of how they got together, and I told Brian a couple of times while chatting with them that I feel like he really worked to prove his love for Clare, over and over again…and I totally love that.  They have gone out of their way during their journey together to make big choices and bold moves for each other, and it really symbolizes what their marriage is going to look like, and how beautiful and giving I think they will always be with each other.  I truly cannot wait to capture their wedding day!  Meet Clare and Brian!

This might be my favorite hat of all time! Oh this light!!!


  1. Bev Dillon

    October 28th, 2019 at 4:29 pm

    I remember when your first hair ornament was a pink bow and you were held in the arms of the first man in your life. The pictures are wonderful and capture the love and fun of your relationship. Congratulations and best wishes for a long and loving future.

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