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Honestly, it is really hard for me to start to put this one into words.  First and foremost, I have known this bride for longer than any bride I have ever had.  She is the little sister of one of my dearest, longest-known friends who I have been close with since middle school…when this bride was just in elementary school, a couple years older than my son is now.  That’s a long time to know someone– and a long time to be familiar with someone’s life, family, and story.  I am familiar with Dana’s, and I love how Karl was weaved into her story.  I love how their families are making new stories together, and how deeply supportive all of their loved ones are of their marriage.  I love that they met and fell in love once they were both established adults, with dreams and plans and full lives.  I also love that Dana’s older sister, that dear long term close friend of mine, has 2 little darling kids that got to be such a part of this day, which wouldn’t have happened if this day happened a few years earlier.  It all happened like it was completely planned and meant to be.

Beyond loving seeing a family that I truly love deeply in my heart so happy and full of joy on this day, it was also just a visually stunning day!  From every single thing…the gorgeous industrial interesting Starline Factory, to Dana’s bold and perfect choice of a gold wedding dress, to the portrait locations and the style of elegant black, olive and greenery, and gold tones woven throughout everything…it was just visually pretty perfect to me.

It was a wedding day I wish I could photograph again and again and again.  Karl’s best man and long term friend described him as magnetic, and I truly believe this of this couple and this match.  I could not be happier for this amazing couple who I truly believe will make big waves in this world together!

I wanted to photograph these details for HOURS. This is my beautiful friend and her adorable daughter, the flower girl, just a little younger than my own daughter. I LOVE this photo of these 2 generations, mom, daughter, and aunt, all together!

All 3 generations of this family that I love!!!

I’m going to be honest, these are some of my favorite first look pictures ever.  Look at the anticipation!!! Ok…their venue was an old mill that has been converted into an amazing venue, and in the middle of the mill was a huge space that used to store all the coal to run the mill.  Now, it is converted into an eccentric, multi-layered greenhouse, and that’s where these photos were taken.  This couple claimed up tiny staircases, hopped over hoses, and brooms, and slinked down tiny passageways to get these photos…and they are my absolute favorite!  Thank you, Dana and Karl, for trusting me with this!!!  I could have photographed here for hours!
Michael’s angle!!  I love this one!! On the bottom left, I am with 2 of my liftetime forever friends.  While I wish we could all be raising our babies much closer to each other than we are, they will ALWAYS be like home to me.

Dana and Karl, we love you guys and are so so completely overjoyed for you.  Dana, this wedding was one of the biggest honors of my career so far. Thank you so so much for letting me capture you.  I have adored you for SO long, and it meant the world to me.   Full gallery coming soon!!!

To see Dana and Karl’s beautiful Starved Rock engagement session, click here!

We were absolutely blown away by Dana and Karl’s amazing creative team!!

Venue: Starline Factory

Florist: Twisted Stem

Dress: BHLDN

Bridesmaid Dresses: BHLDN, Amazon, Rent the Runway

Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Hair Stylist: Mollie Crutchfield

Makeup Artist: Gina Main

DJ: Big Cat Entertainment

Cake: Julie Michelle Cakes

Officiants: John Liuzzi and Silvia Fabela, brother and dear friend of the couple

Invitations: Minted

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  1. Marianne Jansson says:

    we really feel that we were part of all the events. Means a lot to us, so far away in Sweden. Kindest regards Marianne & Karl Hjalmar (Karl´s grandparents)

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