September 30, 2019

A couple years ago, a guy’s name came through my mini-session bookings and I did a bit of a double take because let’s just be honest, it’s usually the girlfriend/wife/mom who sets up the photos!  They mentioned a sweet dog Millie (and I had a dog named Millie while growing up that I was super fond of), and I knew instantly we would get along!  When we met, I learned that I been recommended to them by their wedding photographer, who lived in Chicago where they used to live, and was also my wedding photographer!  It was such a fun connection and also told me that they really value great photos in our life because our shared wedding photographer is a complete rockstar.  I loved meeting them that day and fast forward to now…

They have a beautiful little new princess in their lives!!  Amanda and Tim were so smitten with Blaire and it just made my heart burst!  They were gentle and kind and tender, and seemed so comfortable in their new roles just instantly.  And sweet Blaire!!! She is just tiny and precious and has the most delicate little feminine features!!  I absolutely loved photographing these 3 together…and don’t worry, their “first baby” Millie got in on the deal too big time!  I can’t WAIT to watch Blaire grow over the year with this beautiful family!!


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