November 19, 2019

This has got to be in my top few favorite blog posts ever…because my absolutely beloved niece Katie has found the love of her life, and they are getting married soon!  And after sharing her senior photos quite a few years ago, I am so thrilled to share her here again.

This session just includes everything I love about engagement sessions…a super photogenic couple, gorgeous country scenery, perfect outfits.  But none of that is what I love about it.  What I love is how Steven doesn’t even like getting his picture taken, but was the most congenial photo- poser I’ve ever seen, full of endless positivity for an activity he doesn’t even prefer.  And that Katie is a no PDA girl but snuggled right in moment after moment.  I love that they take care of each other, watch out for each other, and put each other’s best interests first all the time.  I love that we took these at Gum Farms, where Katie has grown up, where I fell in love with the country.  In Grandma’s front yard.  Where we walked for her senior photos all those years ago.

I love that I know without any shadow of doubt that Katie and Steven’s marriage will be 100 times more beautiful than their wedding day in a few months.  That their love will grow deeper and wider throughout every day of their marriage.  And that even in their hard days that may come, their laughter together and joy in life will carry them through anything.  I could not have dreamed of someone to love Katie better than Steven loves her (and I am guessing his family would say the same about her).

I’m not even mentioning my favorites because it would be every photo…


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