November 4, 2019

My earliest memories of this beautiful senior are surrounded in a huge decision we made in my last year teaching to combine the HS and MS musical and do Shrek with both schools.  It was my 8th major musical, and the first time we considered that move but it just felt like the right year.  And when little miss 8th grade Chloe came into her audition, she blew me away in a way I hadn’t ever experienced before from a singer so young.  She was cast as one of the 3 Fionas in the show, and truly has one of the most beautiful and talented instruments I have ever directed.  Even though I only got to direct her in 2 shows before I was no longer directing at my old school, I have gotten to see her perform since and she has somehow grown so much even though she started so strong.

And I know that is because of her drive and determination (on top of her talent).  When you sing like that as a 13 year old, it means you have been working hard to get there– and Chloe has.  She truly has a gift.  She brings such joy to others when she performs, and I deeply hope that no matter where her future brings her, that singing and performing for others is always a part of it.

After last year’s graduating class, there were only a very small handful of seniors for this year that I knew at all- just those 8th graders from Shrek.  I made the decision over a year ago that I wasn’t going to photograph full senior sessions anymore, both due to time restriction within my business and also because it was just sort of hard for me to picture photographing seniors I didn’t have a long term relationship with after photographing so many for so many years that I taught and knew and loved very much. But when Chloe’s mom asked me 6 months ago if I would make an exception and could fit her into my schedule, I knew we would make it work! And I am so glad we did!

Chloe has such a beautiful and unique style, and it was so present in everything we planned for session! It turned out so perfectly and it truly made my heart so happy.  Chloe, I just ADORE you and know you are on to such amazing things!! I hope you love these favorites as much as I do!

All of the kids I directed…my kids…knew my affinity for glitter.  I included it in every show I directed and I think they thought it was just because I love it (which I do).  I also loved how it infiltrated every part of the stage and my classroom and was a little reminder everywhere of the magic of the show.  But really…I just know Pink was onto something when she talked about throwing fistfuls of glitter in the air (even though that was years after I began directing!) and I just felt like it was something every young person should do at some point…so I made sure those who came through my program got to!  So when Chloe asked to incorporate this into her senior session, I was all too happy to!!
And this, one of my FAVORITE spots to shoot (even if the skaters weren’t very happy with our interruption this time!).

Full gallery coming soon, beautiful Chloe!  Dream big, sweet girl!!! <3


  1. Aunt Kim

    November 4th, 2019 at 12:12 pm

    Thank you for taking the time to share your story which gave me a glimpse into another facet and perspective of Chloe’s world.

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