December 1, 2019

Oh these two!!! I absolutely love photographing past students because there is always some sort of connection between me and one or both of the couple and that makes it extra special.  But this lady (and her family!) was just SO SO dear to me for so many years.  She took every class I could offer, she was a teacher’s aide for me. and she was one of the most talented musicians I ever taught.  She had deemed me Lady Gum Gum shortly after Michael and I got married (her senior year!)  after Lady Gaga who we both just enjoyed the antics of so much.  Leanna is incredibly talented, incredibly bright, and was always so mature for her age.  She was my student and I treated her as such…but she felt like a friend in so many ways because she was so beyond her years in humor and personality.  And fun fact…I think she is the first person at school who found out I was pregnant with my first baby!  The fine details are a little funny…but I had something open on my computer that she was on to do some school work for me and saw it.  I will never forget it!

Leanna, you have been special to me for…wait for it… 12…TWELVE…years.  Where did those years go?!  Wow.  And now?  You have found someone equally special to spend the rest of your life with!  I have met Zach a few times…and I find him to be intelligent and funny like Leanna, and so so interesting.  He has, in my interpretation, many random interests and talents and is my interpretation of a “renaissance man”…dabbles in a lot of things, enjoys a lot of different areas, and I just find him to be incredibly interesting and thoughtful.  And the two of them together are dynamic, joyful, sweet, and so so right for each other.

I could NOT be happier for these two, and cannot wait for their wedding next year!!

I LOVE Leanna’s ring!!! SO many favorites but this is one of them!
We ended the day at Zach’s parents home where Zach and Leanna did a little of something they love…making their famous homemade Pizza! They actually travel across the country sharing this gift and after ONE taste I could see why.  It was unique, fun, and so interesting to watch while chatting and enjoying our time together! 

Zach and Leanna, I now adore you BOTH and am so happy for you two to have found each other in life.  You are a truly perfect pairing together.  I can’t WAIT for your wedding!!


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